Carbon Neutral Plus status achieved | On we go into 2023 with Be More Starfish sustainability endeavours 

Jo Redman

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Onwards is the cry from team Situ when it comes to stepping up to the mark and continuing our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint – both at work and at home. 

We are very pleased with our achievements in 2022 – launching our Be More Starfish programme, with the premise being that each and every act we all take, no matter how small means something and lots of small changes add up to bigger change. 

And we must be doing something right – because we have been delighted to receive confirmation that we reduced our carbon emissions by 15.46%* last year v our baseline year of 2019-20. This was assessed and confirmed by Carbon Footprint Ltd, who also helped us to offset 74 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, double the amount we produced –  and as a result, they have awarded us the fantastic status of being a Carbon Neutral Plus company.  We are pleased with this and really feel like we are starting to help combat climate change and sustain our environment for future generations. Of course, there is so much more to do…… 

Carbon Neutral Plus

Also, through working with our partner Do Nation we saved a further 590kg of carbon – equivalent to 62.8 flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam.  This has been achieved via the team pledging to make changes in their personal lives to live and act more sustainably – from drying clothes outdoors, to shopping locally, walking instead of using the car and numerous other small changes it has all added up!    

Do Nation Logo - Situ partnership

We love working with the Do Nation innovative pledge programme that helps organisations like us inspire their people, clients, guests, partners, and suppliers to act more sustainably at home and at work. At a time when 85% of people in the UK** are worried about climate change, Do Nation gives people the tools and encouragement they need to do something about it, and take meaningful action together. In fact, we love it so much, the Situ team are all committing to yet more pledges and changes as we head into new 2023. The Situ sustainability committee are leading the charge and creating a bit of healthy competition by encouraging everyone to choose one of three teams to get behind take your pick – Team Jody, Team Hannah or Team Mike! 

The sustainability committee at Situ!
The sustainability committee at Situ!

If you want to get your teams engaged and involved in sustainability, then the Do Nation team are holding a panel discussion on 01 Feb on this very subject. Join the session to pick up some great ideas. 

To coin a phrase “it’s a journey,” but we are on it rather than not even starting when it comes to sustainability. Pleased as we say with all we have achieved in 2022, but so much more to do in 2023 and beyond.  

* Based on its emissions per £M turnover. 

** Ipsos