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Famous Film Locations to Visit in NY – New York Guide for Film Fans

New York, New York – There are so many things to see in this amazing city. Our guests staying in our New York serviced apartments have a huge list of sights to choose from. So today, we are talking about some of the iconic movie locations dotted around the city.

Most of New York’s favourite film locations are already in every must-see guide – The Met, The New York Public Library, Central Park, The Empire State Building and so on. So instead of giving you more of the same, we’re sharing with you a list of New York filming locations that only became popular after the film was released…

Location scouting is a fun part of the movie or TV pre-production stage. As soon as the deal is done location scouts try to find the perfect locations for filming, from amazing little streets to cafes, big buildings and sights, mentioned in the script. So, here we go:

Ooh, can you feel the breeze from the subway?

marilyn monroeIf we are talking about iconic scenes than we should start with Marilyn Monroe and her white dress. This one scene from Seven Year Itch became a symbol of not just the film itself, but the movie business in general. As well as Hollywood, the 50s and much more… This scene has its own Wikipedia page – it is as iconic as a scene can be. The scene was filmed on the corner of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue, so if you’re a movie lover you should definitely visit the spot, but make sure you choose your outfit correctly.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Stairs

Carrie Bradshaw stairsIf you are one of Sex and the City’s big fans then this is the place to start. Carrie’s Stairs are a truly iconic location for people who enjoyed the series and the films. In the show, we believe that Carrie lives on the Upper East Side at 245E 73rd street, however, if that’s where you go to take your picture on her doorstep you will be disappointed. The location that served as an exterior for her house is on Perry Street. In the first season it was 64 Perry street and through the remaining seasons of the show, it was filmed right next door at 66 Perry Street. SITU has a large stock of serviced apartments in New York, but this one, is only 10 minutes walk away from Carrie’s doorstep.

Ghostbuster’s HQ

Ghostbusters HQWho doesn’t like Ghostbusters? Do you want to see the legendary headquarters of the fearless team? Head to North Moore Street number 14 where the FDNY Hook and Ladder 8 is located. It has been a working firehouse for more than a century and served as the exterior for the film location. Most interior shots were done in a studio in LA. However, the logo from the film still hangs inside the fire station with pride.

Friends Apartment Building

The master of all sitcoms, Friends is the most loved TV show for many. To visit the apartment building that is featured as the exterior go to the intersection of the West Village and Bedford and Grow streets. This building is shown in all the establishing shots for the show.

Katz’s Delicatessen

Katzs DeliOn the southwest corner of Houston and Ludlow street, you’ll find the Katz’s Deli. This deli was featured in When Harry Met Sally with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. You can even sit in the same spot and order a meal. A great place for a selfie, don’t you think?

“Make it Simple but Significant” 

If you want to experience New York like the legendary mad man Don Draper himself, then you can head to 60 East 54th Street and visit Monkey Bar. This vintage bar has been featured in AMC’s hit show Mad Men as one of the places chosen by the man himself. Word on the street says it can be hard to get into, but understandably so.

Miracle on the 34th Street

Let’s finish this list with yet another classic, which in fact has been remade several times since. Whichever is your favourite version, Miricle on 34th street is a heartwarming and innocent story about a sceptical 7 years-old meeting Santa Claus himself?! The story unfolds around Macy’s one-stop-shop where the characters meet. Marcy is located in midtown Manhatten on, as you can already imagine, 34th street!

This is our list, tell us about your favourite film locations around the world. Which destination do you think we should pick next?