Serviced Accommodation for Business Travellers

Business Travel can be described as a journey made specifically by a corporate traveller with the purpose of work on behalf of a company, avoiding activities associated with other forms of travel, such as leisure. The perfect accommodation for business travellers are serviced apartments, equipped and catered to suit corporate lifestyle.

The key to successful corporate travel management or fulfilling a global business travel plan effectively and efficiently is securing a base, a place to stay which a corporate traveller can call home. Business travel accommodation, in the form of high-quality serviced apartments, is the perfect solution, enabling this part of the corporate travel management to be smooth and hassle-free.


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Rates of global business travel are at their highest in the last decade. In fact, the act of travelling as a corporate for work-related reasons has become so popular, it has grown to become a modern-day industry, separate from leisurely or holiday vacationing.

Business travel has been around for as long as people have traded and made deals with one another, but its true popularity came with the introduction of fairly priced flights in the nineteenth century. Nowadays, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) says that around 30% of international trips are for business.  

With popularity comes a great expectation from business travellers who want their global business travel to be the best it can be, putting value upon costs, accommodation, transport and travel spending and convenience throughout their browsing experience. Booking the right business travel accommodation is amongst the necessities for ensuring successful business travel management.


When it comes down to picking the perfect accommodation for business travellers; no alternative compares to serviced apartments. Space, comfort, and value for money are all considered ‘part of the furniture’ in serviced accommodation; all essential features able to improve your experience and better the offer of a standard business hotel.

Serviced Accommodation for business travellers include the following facilities and services;

  • Wi-Fi and Internet connection access
  • TVs
  • Laundry facilities (Washing machine and Dryer)
  • Linen and Towels
  • Housekeeping Service (Ranging from daily to fortnightly)
  • Available Parking

As well as these expectations, business travellers on the move should assume that they will be offered a bespoke product and service that suits what they need to cater to their business travel management.  

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serviced apartments

We understand what it means to have an enjoyable, productive business travel experience. The SITU team is full of industry experts and specialists who themselves also have a vast amount of business trip insight. It is this understanding that is so vital when we provide accommodation for business travellers.

SITU is an established and trusted provider to the business travel sector with vast experience in supporting clients' to find and book the best serviced apartments around the globe.

We can help:

  • Find accommodation for business travellers on a regular or ad hoc basis to suit your travel budget.
  • PA's, EA's and office managers' who need help in organising a busy schedule of accommodation for their colleagues.
  • Travel managers who would like to review current, or develop new aspects of a travel programme to include serviced apartments.
  • Travel Management Companies (TMC's) who would like to partner with a serviced apartment expert that can integrate with online booking tools and create bespoke technology solutions to access a global supply chain.

Looking for serviced accommodation to support your global business travel plans? Contact SITU's specialist business travel team to find out more about how we can help you.

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