Global Mobility & Business Relocation

Business Relocation refers to the movement of a company from one destination to another. International business movements commonly fall under a global mobility strategy.

Executing a successful business relocation strategy means moving between locations with ease, without negatively impacting the business. Combined with the right accommodation solution, a smooth business relocation process can be ensured for employees and their families.


Nowadays it is common for a company to have a mobile workforce, which consists of employees who undertake short or long term international assignments, permanent transfers to new headquarters or just regular commutes to countries outside of where their business is based.

A common mistake companies make when they explore business relocation and overseas endeavours, is to conduct business with the same approach that they would if they were building relationships in their home country. With the global scene constantly changing direction, businesses who fail to adapt fall into the trap of appearing stationary and inflexible.

That’s why it’s so important that businesses have an adaptable global mobility and business relocation strategy that is unique to their requirements.

Having a strong plan focused on the seamlessly relocating employees of both large and small businesses means having a consideration logistically for legal, cultural, financial, and personal aspects of the process.

Ensuring the process is then smooth, streamlined and functioning based on constant communication within the business can make a global mobility solutions and business relocation strategy extremely effective.


serviced apartments

Executing a strategy that ensures seamless business relocation means causing as little inconvenience and stress as possible. This, therefore, makes the comfort and well-being of those involved a high priority. This is also the priority of companies who offer stays in serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are the perfect fit for a successful global mobility and business relocation strategy. This is because they are the most appropriate option for guests looking for a ‘home away from home’. Ultimately, corporate travellers who feel like they they have never left home are more likely to be more productive and produce high-quality results for their company.

A corporate traveller can expect their serviced apartments to have large, spacious living areas, maintained by a minimum fortnightly housekeeping service. These spaces allow guests to work independently and freely, whilst also having, at a minimum, cooking and washing facilities, free Wi-Fi and available parking all at their disposal.

Considering everything that comes with a stay in a serviced apartment, including an unparalleled level of convenience and comfort, global businesses are convinced that they are the perfect housing option for their employees involved in a business relocation strategy.


The key to catering to a business relocation strategy is understanding the delicate balance that must be struck when temporarily housing businesses, mobile employees and their families between a home and host country.

That’s why we at SITU work closely with top international relocation service and global mobility solution providers, enabling ourselves to be adaptable and support whatever business relocation strategy is put in front of us.

SITU take steps to ensure that appropriate properties are available for your workforce of corporate travellers. We want to ensure that they can seamlessly transition into a new environment with minimal disruption to family and working life. Business relocation professionals can rely on:

  • A global, expanding Supply Chain
  • SITU assurance through our due diligence checks
  • Dedicated, bespoke technology solutions
  • Our highly trained, dedicated account managers who take the time to fully appreciate your needs
  • Fast response times in a quote format to suit your needs.

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