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We have combined all the elements of service and technology to bring the largest global serviced accommodation supply chain online and easily offer a range of instant booking choices to travellers and organisations who recognise the benefits of serviced accommodation and live availability.


Live availability and instant booking

One of the biggest challenges for travellers and travel bookers is understanding how to find and book suitable accommodation.

The range of choices are large and the considerations include type of property, budget, availability, location, safety and how easy your preferred choice is to book.

Ironically the most suitable accommodation choice for travellers staying longer than 7 days is often the most difficult and time consuming to find and book, which is why serviced apartments have historically formed only a small part of most travel programs.

SITU has seen this frustration across the board from travellers to bookers, travel managers, relocation companies, TMC’s and global mobility teams and more importantly we have listened and we have acted.

We have taken these expectations and combined all the elements of service, product and technology to bring the largest global supply chain online  and easily offer a global platform to manage all your serviced accommodation needs for companies of any size range of booking choices to travellers and organisations who recognise and want the benefits of serviced accommodation.



SITU has delivered the ability for our customers to find and book serviced accommodation globally with no more effort than booking a hotel. We believe this provides travellers and travel managers with a huge advantage especially in an environment where safety, piece of mind and security are paramount.

Introducing SITU’s Live Global Network - there are now more ways to book serviced accommodation than ever before.

The ability to book serviced accommodation live online has long been held as the holy grail for serviced apartments. While it is a significant step in the right direction we believe that it forms part of the larger puzzle. SITU understands that not all corporate travel requirements are equal and SITU Live addresses a key requirement, but as part of the bigger picture it represents a comprehensive solution.

How you choose to research and book accommodation is up to you. SITU is proud to be an innovative global leader in delivering the most comprehensive range of options for all our clients. With the addition of SITU’s live availability, finding and booking safe, secure and trusted serviced accommodation with SITU is now truly effortless.


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  • SITU LIVE AVAILABILITY - The SITU Live Global Network makes sourcing and booking serviced accommodation as easy as finding a hotel. We have solved the problem and delivered a vetted, trusted and ever-expanding serviced accommodation global network of live availability that you can instantly book in just a few clicks.
  • SITU CUSTOMER PORTAL – By using the portal clients can easily see and configure a wide range of accommodation options, bookings, reporting and other useful tools. You can also request bookings straight from your account. 
  • SITU SERVICE - You can book via your dedicated Account Manager – give us a call or drop us an email anytime you want. Our team of Serviced Accommodation professionals are available 24/7 to support and source the most suitable Corporate Housing options providing a blended approach of people and technology.
  • SITU SUPPLY CHAIN – We have built the largest curated, safe, secure and compliant global network of Serviced Apartments in the market to support any Corporate Accommodation requirements.

Book Serviced Accommodation Your Way


Would you like to know more about or live availability? Contact SITU's specialist corporate travel team to find out how we can help you.