Tips for Sustainable Travel

Tread Lightly,
Travel Sustainably.

We all know that our everyday activities have an impact on the environment around us and travelling whether within the same country or aboard can have a big impact.  

With this said, you do not need to make big changes to reduce your impact. If everyone was to make small changes, these would all add up to something big.

Take a look below and see some of our top tips for sustainable travel!

Bye bye plastics.

Did you know that it can take up to 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose in a landfill site?

Switching from single use plastics like bags, take away coffee cups, water bottles, and straws to reusable alternatives is one of the easiest changes that can be made.

Not only will the change reduce waste going to landfill but there are financial benefits as well. Many coffee companies now offer a discount when you bring your own mug.  

Every drop counts.

You may think that as water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, that there's an endless supply, but this isn’t true. More than 99% of this water is unusable for humans and other living things.

Making small changes to our water-using habits can save litres of water. One easy habit to break is leaving the tap on whilst brushing your teeth. Think of the amount of all the water we all save by turning our taps off!

Also, taking showers instead of baths saves more water. You could even try the ‘navy’ approach of turning off the water whilst lathering up and then turning it back on to rinse, as long as you keep these showers short! A long shower can easily use twice the amount of water, which could instead be invaluable to someone else in need.

Transport - by foot and other means!

No matter where your travel destination is, there are always many ways you go from A to B sustainably. Using public transport is a great way to travel, as you get to see the place you are visiting. The impact on the environment per passenger is less than a single person driving a car (unless it’s an electric vehicle!).

If your travel plans involve flying, consider this – the carbon footprint when using business class is around 3 times more then flying economy class. Talking about footprints, the most environmentally friendly way of traveling is, obviously, walking! Why not walk to your next destination and explore the area around you?

The lighter, the better.

At some point in our lives, we have all done it. We’ve packed for a trip and packed everything apart from the kitchen sink and then haven’t even worn everything in the suitcase. 

Consider the trip that you are making; do you really need that chunky, heavy jumper? How about swapping it out for lighter items that can be layered? 

Not only will a lighter suitcase be easier to carry but the heavier the suitcase, the more fuel will be needed when traveling by train, plane or car.

Save your energy.

Have a think about the number of electronic devices you take with you on your travels – laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches to just name a few. These items all need charging which require electricity. As a traveller, you will have no control over how this energy is produced, but you can still do your bit to use that energy sustainably. 

Even little changes like only charging your device until the battery is full rather than leaving it plugged in overnight, or shutting down the laptop at the end of the day rather than closing the lid will help save energy. Also, don’t forget to turn the lights off in rooms that you aren’t using - it all helps!

Keep it local.

Staying in a location that you have never been before?  Why not take the opportunity to try out the local cuisine?  Buying from a local market is not only a great way to meet the locals, but also an opportunity to try locally produced food, and travel less.

Not only will buying these foods help the local community, but there are health benefits from eating fresher produce that hasn’t travelled that far. Eating at local restaurants is a great way of sampling delicacies of the area and helping independent traders. Sounds like a win win situation really, for you, the environment and the local economy.

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