Embracing flexibility – serviced accommodation hits the mark

Rosie Thapa


In an era of changing travel and work practices, there’s a growing preference for serviced accommodation that is both flexible, self-contained, and comfortable. During the pandemic, serviced apartments gained visibility – offering privacy, control over one’s environment, and readily available amenities. Since then, these have become the preferred choice for companies and individuals who see their many advantages.

Serviced accommodation – perfectly placed

Business travel and ways of working and living have changed over recent years, with the rapid acceptance of remote work, hybrid models, and work-from-anywhere policies. And as many have realised, serviced apartments and accommodation align superbly with these contemporary patterns of work and travel.

This shift in global work culture shouldn’t be understated. The ideas of ‘work from anywhere’, ‘global nomad’ and ‘bleisure stay’ (where travellers add extra leisure days onto a business assignment) are all part of our vocabulary now.

In this changed context, the flexibility and convenience offered by serviced apartments align perfectly with the needs of today’s global workforce. Clients have new requirements that serviced accommodation can fulfill perfectly, offering comfortable, private spaces that combine the amenities of home with services that keep daily life and work running smoothly.

Woman sitting on tan sofa in serviced accommodation in daytime working on laptop

A global workforce on the move

The trend of living and working independently across different countries is gaining popularity. In response, several nations are now offering specialised visas designed to appeal to the ‘work-from-anywhere’ global nomad, catering to their lifestyle of mobility and flexibility. In this respect, the accommodation provider, Blueground, has positioned themselves ahead of the curve with new products such as flexible month-to-month leases where clients can rent an apartment in Paris one month, then move on to Barcelona the next in a straight swap; or just move between different neighbourhoods in the same city.

Meeting the needs of today’s traveller

The serviced accommodation and serviced apartment product continue to fulfil the precise requirements of travellers who are essentially setting up their home and office in one habitat and expect it to be ready for work and life as soon as they walk through the door.

Increased space over the typical hotel room is arguably one of the main advantages that travellers see in serviced apartment living. A kitchen and laundry facilities allow for self-sufficiency, while services such as housekeeping add to clients’ ease of living. High-speed wi-fi and desks are key requirements, with areas that are adaptable for both life and work, while still feeling homely. Being near to transport links, corporate offices, and city centres are also essential to many travellers.

Along with flexibility in terms of length of stay, these clients want comfortable, safe, self-contained places for working and living in, and they expect the amenities provided to align with their needs for both.

Sustainability, costs, and longer stays

Extended stay serviced accommodation is perfect to fulfil the needs of travellers, however long they are living and working away from home. While current global instability may impact the average length and frequency of business travel, the prevailing trend towards longer stays is expected to endure.

This shift may reflect a strategic adaptation by companies to maximise efficiency and minimise their environmental impact. Many companies are reducing frequency of business travel in order to reduce their carbon footprint – with an eye on the bottom line at a time when the cost of operations is still high.

Longer stays allow companies to consolidate multiple meetings or engagements into a single trip, minimising travel and reducing overall emissions at the same time as optimising travel budgets and achieving greater cost efficiencies.  

According to the latest Institute of Travel Management (ITM) Buyers’ Survey, 31% of respondents had seen active involvement in company rationale about the value & ROI of in-person meetings – showing that the conversations are being had. Of course, the individual guest is no less concerned about their carbon footprint when travelling for business.

Serviced accommodation: at home, wherever you are

In conclusion, serviced accommodation is central to the ongoing dialogue about contemporary work practices. They fulfil the changed requirements of today’s business traveller, the global nomad, and the ‘work-from-anywhere’ community, offering a tailored solution for extended stays and facilitating modern ways of working and living. The comprehensive benefits of such accommodation for extended stays continue to meet the changing needs of business travel with exceptional precision and agility.

Here at Situ, we strive to be the best at what we do. Wherever you are in the world, however you choose to live and work, and however long your stay, we want you to feel at home the moment you walk through the door. Get in touch today and talk through your requirements with one of our team.