Inspiring Inclusion: Brave Spaces and Women’s Health

Nour Gobara

General, Situ News

Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

International Women’s Day provides the focus for us to consider and reflect on how we are continuing to nurture a culture of inclusivity and diversity across the ever-growing Situ team. This year’s theme of #inspireinclusion is a powerful and timely reminder of both the progress we have made and the changes we still want to make. Without inclusion, there cannot be gender equality, so we continue to identify barriers and break them down to ensure that everyone – but specifically women on this date – are recognised for the many talents, skills and perspectives they bring to the party.

One of the ways we identify and tackle barriers to inclusivity is through our series of ‘Brave Space’ discussions that take place on a regular basis, led by our DE&I committee. The discussions are open to everyone across Situ and provide a safe and neutral space to speak about potentially difficult, but certainly thought-provoking, topics. The most recent discussion focused on women’s health in the workplace, focusing on four fundamental topics: Pregnancy, Endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and Menopause. We wanted to dispel any misconceptions associated with these key areas.

Situ DE&I committee

Women’s Health: Our Brave Space Discussion

As a starting point for our conversation, we used the UK Health Secretary’s recent press release (17 Jan’ 24), unveiling the government’s stance on women’s health and their approach to what still affects women in British society in 2024. Adding to the government’s 2022 Women’s Health Strategy, this press release addressed menstrual health and advancing maternal care and highlighted key areas where progress is desirable and imperative.

Recognising the sensitivity and importance of these topics, the DE&I committee took a different approach for this Brave Space discussion, wanting to find a way to really engage and enable participants to freely think and produce ideas and suggestions. To achieve this, we used online tools and presented misconceptions through quizzes and fast-paced interactions. As a result, conversations flowed more naturally by honing in on where most misconceptions originate and how each individual can address their perceptions. We found that this style increased understanding and highlighted the complications and lack of historical research on women’s health.  

The conversations and ideas for change from this session have been captured to discuss with the Situ senior managers. These managers are always supportive and take a very positive stance pertaining to all matters regarding DE&I and indeed act as inspirational role models with over 61% of them identifying as female.

From Conversation to Action

Our discussions and open dialogues lay the groundwork for taking action. Recognising the perpetual room for improvement is an advantage. One of our recent advancements involved enhancing our existing Private Healthcare scheme to include Medical History Disregarded, a change particularly vital as it addresses many women’s health concerns. This modification ensures that more Situ team members can benefit from the scheme, receiving support from medical professionals regardless of their previous diagnosis.

In alignment with the theme of IWD 2024, the DE&I Committee has specialised in various areas, fostering confidence among individuals to approach them. Each committee member advocates for Gender, Race, Age, LGBTQ+, and Disability Equality at Situ.

Our commitment to our team is further demonstrated through our Enhanced Parental Pay policy, which empowers new parents to prioritise their family’s well-being without compromising financial stability. This initiative underscores our belief in fostering a supportive workplace environment where every parent can flourish.

We want our team members to feel empowered, secure, and valued. As champions of connections, understanding one another, our needs, and our difficulties is where our magic lies. From this core belief, Situ always seeks ways to promote a work-life fit, from our Cyclescheme and Techscheme to across-the-board quarterly bonuses and even the 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme. At Situ, we are proud to continually prioritise our team’s health and wellbeing.

A few of the women from our leadership team at Situ:
From left: Hannah Trigg; Senior BD Manager, Suzanne Luscombe; Property Partner Growth Director, Rebecca Brooker; Partner Account Manager, Jenny Brace; Head of Product, and Jenna Stapleton; Director.

Inspire Inclusion

Inspiring inclusion requires collective effort driven by both head and heart, fueled by passion, purpose, and a shared commitment to equity and justice. Whether through workplace initiatives or simple acts of kindness, each of us plays a role in creating a more inclusive world where every woman can thrive.