Situ wins two awards at the ASAP Awards 2023!

Sandra Oberg

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We did it! We are so humbled and proud to announce that we won not one, but TWO awards at the ASAP – The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers Awards last week.

🔸Best Place to Work
🔸Best Sustainability Initiative

ASAP Award winner 2023

ASAP joyfully hosted its first awards ceremony since COVID at LABS House in Bloomsbury on June 22nd. The bar was sponsored by us at Situ, offering an extensive selection of delightful espresso martinis and an array of other exceptional cocktails.

Situ wins Best Place to Work and Sustainability awards at ASAP Awards 2023
Situ attendees: Rebecca Gonzaga (MD), Liam Jones (Financial Controller), Seth Hanson (Head of Supply), Leah Searle (Head of HR), James Connell (Senior Account Manager), and Abbie Erdbrink (Hospitality and Quality Manager)

Best Place to Work Award

Best Sustainability Initiative Award

We have been working on aspects of our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) approach for several years, constantly striving to be a good business. One that is good to work for from an employee’s perspective; trusted by clients to manage their traveller’s accommodation needs; valued by supply accommodation partners to transact with and a business that cares about the environment. However, our approach was somewhat fragmented and not transparent to key stakeholders. There was also a sense that this sort of ‘stuff’ can be difficult, and the next steps too big to take. We wondered, “How do we move on, or even where do we start in certain areas?”.

The key objectives were to:

  • To create a sense of ‘journey’ in that we have started work
    on ESG, there is plenty more to do – but work has started!
  • Set some realistic and measurable goals to work towards.
  • Help the whole Situ team understand what ESG all is about
    and what steps we are taking as a company and encourage
    each individual to take action in their working and personal
    lives that support ESG principles.
  • Be able to easily explain to clients and partners the ESG
    steps that we are taking, sharing actions to date and seeking
    ideas and partnerships for the future.
  • Have an easy-to-understand and highly visual brand
    for this work, that at its very core has a sense of energy
    and movement. Nothing too dry or dull, and certainly no

Situ-branded Espresso Martinis

Following a delightful period of networking accompanied by delectable food and beverages, the attendees gathered for the much-anticipated awards ceremony. The event commenced with a warm welcome from ASAP CEO James Foice.

Who are ASAP (The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers)?

ASAP is the not-for-profit trade body representing professional serviced apartment operators worldwide.

This is to ensure those buying accommodation recognise the safety and added value of serviced apartments so when they see the ASAP marque displayed, they realise they can stay with confidence.

Their aspiration is that those they represent will seek out a recognised form of quality accreditation, giving consumers and buyers further reassurance around health, safety, and pandemic awareness.

A massive thank you to the incredible team at ASAP for hosting a fantastic evening, and congratulations to all winners.