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Oh, yes we all know extroverts are probably suffering more from the lockdown than the introverts; young are more anxious to go out than older and kids adapt quicker than we thought. But there is one group of people, who might actually find a very enjoyable activity during this time – THE BOOK LOVERS!

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If you enjoy reading books, then you know that there is no such thing as an afternoon wasted by doing nothing or a boring day in. Books deliver excitement, escapism and fun anywhere – on your couch, in the garden, in a bath etc. The best thing about printed book books is that you can put your phone down and don’t be distracted by a social media news feed, a notification or an email. But if you have already downloaded kindle than I recommend turning off all of the phone notifications to enjoy the read.

But which books are best to be read during a quarantine? Rather than listing individual books, I will focus on general recommendations and leave the choice with you.

1. Go Back to the Classics

Is there a specific classic that you never read and thought you would do someday? Well, this is your chance. We all have those couple of classics in our “to-read list”. And every time someone mentions these books we get embarrassed. Well, while we all hope this lockdown will not last long enough to finally finish War and Peace it might still be a good idea to get back to those classic authors now. This is the perfect time you were waiting for.

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2. Read the Original of an Adaptation You Watched

From Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones and from Little Women to David Copperfield, we all love to watch a good adaptation. So why not read the original? If you loved a movie or a TV show there’s no reason why you would not enjoy the book (in most cases books win). Nowadays not only classics get an honour of adaptation, but different authors from different genres also get screen adaptation, so there’s plenty to choose from.

3. Read a Bestseller

Yes, yes I know, most book snobs are careful with bestsellers, thinking if something was easy and fun to read, then maybe it is not very intellectual. But reading should be fun and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little guilty pleasure, especially in the safety of your home, away from your book snob friends.

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4. Re-read an Old Favourite

I love re-reading books several times. Each time you find something new and interesting, that you didn’t notice before and it is always good to go back to your favourite characters. Another interesting point about re-reading books is that your perception as a reader changes with your age. Sometimes your favourite in your twenties reads differently in your thirties. It is a good way to understand if you still are the same type of reader you think you are.

The genre doesn’t matter as most books will provide valuable escapism we all need right now. With a good book to read staying at home might not feel like a punishment after all. And remember this too shall pass and we will be back to our busy lives, never enough time to really binge on books.

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