4 Tips to Manage and Minimise Travel Stress During Business Trips

Matt Furnell

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For many corporate travellers, the New Year is already in full swing. Around this time of year,  business or leisure travel can be relatively hectic. Sometimes, even the most successful trips can evoke stress on us, forcing a ‘fight or flight’ response. However, with the New Year just gone, why not make it your resolution to battle stress and the consequent strains?

To help you get started, here are some of our own tips we think can help your overseas serviced apartment living experience to be as stress-free as possible.

1. Preparation

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It may seem obvious, but the key to efficient business travel is being fully prepared. There is nothing worse than being unequipped for the obstacles foreign voyage can throw your way. Preparation can range from creating a detailed, systematic trip itinerary to simply ensuring you pack enough snacks to fuel your journey.

Establishing what makes you tick most can also be particularly helpful. That way, in the event of a hindrance, you will know how to adapt and minimalise consequential stress. For instance, many travellers find airports troublesome, so making a step-by-step guide detailing when and where you need to be somewhere, can be extremely beneficial.

2. Comfort

Comfort comes in many forms and is individual to all of us. Whilst some enjoy the quiet and relaxation, others prefer lively exploration and vibrant activities. Many embrace the pleasures of walking, whereas others prefer to get from A to B as soon as possible. Contrasts in comfort are endless, but what is most important is that you accommodate for YOU.

Obviously, you cannot always fine pick the details of a business trip, but there is no harm in moulding the experience to make it as comfortable as possible. Outside business hours are prime time for indulgence, and fulfilling your own needs is essential for battling any stress. Choose your serviced apartment wisely too to suit meet your own desires! SITU is always here to deliver the best choice of accommodation tailored to your needs.

3. Be Smart

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Now and again it is our own decisions which influence whether we experience stress. The difference between a right or wrong move can be significant, and the importance of wise choices are heightened when business travelling somewhere new to you. You cannot always prepare either for out of the blue moments.

A right decision though could include declining a precarious taxi ride, avoiding potentially harmful foods, or selecting a fitting city apartment. The ability to weigh up pros and cons and think on your feet prove to be invaluable when abroad. Thinking before acting is the best way to avoid stressful consequences.

4. Acceptance

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Every so often though, situations and their consequences are out of your hands. It is important to remember that some things are inevitable or unavoidable, and dwelling on them will make their outcomes worse. Approaching misfortune or setbacks with acceptance and positivity will enable your trip to move forward. Stewing over things out of your control is not productive. Whilst stress cannot always be stopped, managing certain obstacles optimistically can be the best preventer of further stress.

Stress impacts some more than others, in a variety of different ways. It is relative, and responses to business travel and staying in corporate accommodation abroad are no different. Accommodating for your own needs is most important, and addressing any of these four points could be the key to your stress-free travel.

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