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Tamara Edgar

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Hello world

Today we are launching our new Situ brand – as you can see its bold, vibrant, warm and a little bit playful.

Situ connected by people midnight on pink


We have quietly been going about our business for some ten years focusing on our purpose “to make booking serviced accommodation effortless”.  Along the way we have bought together an amazing team of friendly smart industry experts (over 60 of us now).  Established an incredible global supply chain of vetted serviced accommodation operators spanning over116 countries offering in excess of 250,000 apartments.  Built some amazing tech that provides innovative and versatile ways that companies and organisations can use to ease the process of booking and managing their global accommodation and corporate housing needs.  

We have grown and keep growing. We have won clients, awards and accolades. We have built a slide in our HQ (yes, really…).  We have electric cars and solar panels. We champion standards and accreditation across the serviced apartment industry – working with partners such as ASAP, Greengage Travel & Event Solutions, I-PRAC, ISAAP and Quality in Tourism. We make Christmas videos and raise money for worthy charities.  We have an office and team in Benelux.  We have survived a global pandemic – in fact, more than survived, we are busier than ever…

…but ssshhh

Apparently, it’s all been a bit of a secret ….  We haven’t been that great at broadcasting our talents, our innovations and high, high standards of customer service.  Our clients, suppliers and partners tell us that they love working with us and that they think we are quite brilliant. 

So – we have taken that on board and here we are louder, bolder and brighter – with a new look and feel that we believe reflects who we truly are.   A business that never forgets its hospitality roots, a business that develops and creates industry-leading tech, a business that puts people front and centre, a business that honestly genuinely gives a care.

Why now you might ask?  

The time was just right, emerging from all the global pandemic had thrown at us we pressed our “reset” button and brought in our great friends Mr B & Friends to help us really articulate who we are and how we want to be seen.  And, we are rather proud of the result, which is not just a shiny bright palette of new colours, logos and images – but a brand that is anchored and built around our core purpose, our culture, beliefs and values.  If we wanted to sum it all up – we’d pop it in a letter like this:

An open letter to our clients, customers, suppliers and partners

There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet, but to Situ the only one that matters is you.

Sure, we’ve got great technology that makes finding and booking serviced accommodation effortless, but you would expect that.

What’s unexpected is the magic from the Situ team.  Got an impossible last-minute requirement? Easy peasy. Somebody let you down? We won’t?

I can’t get through to a person said no one ever.

They say familiarity breeds contempt, we say it builds strong connections, something we do all day every day.

Connecting the dots to make the world of serviced apartments and corporate housing a breeze. We never forget the human element.  That’s what makes us different.

So, wherever you need to send people in the world, with Situ they will be connected by people.

What do you think?  Do let us know

Phil and the Situ team