Premier Suites Lone Female Guest Programme | Security for Corporate Travellers

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A simple search on Google and you can see that 110 million people a month search the phrase “woman travelling alone”. The issue seems to be on top of the search list. Another 6 million searches are performed for the term “woman travelling solo”.
As for results, you get a lot of empowering, inspiring blogs about why you should travel alone despite the risks. Or you get warnings on what to be aware of and things you should know when travelling alone.

The search results don’t often include solutions for how to make your trip safer. Fortunately, one of SITU’s suppliers, Premier Suites decided they can deliver a solution for their guests.

The new initiative

Premier Suites launched their Lone Female Guest program, aiming to provide extra security measures for the female guest if they want to look at more secure accommodation options.

The programme is designed to help female guests feel safe and secure during their stay. It covers areas such as the check-in process, apartment allocation and security.

Commenting on the launch of this programme, Premier Suites brand standards manager Evelyn Haran said: “Security is one of our main areas of focus, particularly for our single and female guests. Our PREMIER SUITES properties aim to be considerate of lone females travelling far from home. We understand that travelling alone can create anxiety and stress and this programme may help our guests feel more secure in unfamiliar surroundings”

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Another interesting fact is that most articles on the issue focused around leisure travel, exotic locations and less touristy areas. However, the issue is not exclusive to those circumstances. The security measurements are as important during a well structured corporate trip. The issue seems to be raised by many companies and has become a key feature for many corporate travel programmes. The demand seems to be growing. More and more employers pay attention to guest security, especially in the case of female travellers.

So what does the programme include?

Enhanced security measures stipulate that apartment doors are fitted with secondary locks and lone female guests must be allocated apartments on the first floor or higher, in the centre of the corridors rather than at the end of hallways or near fire exits. At check-in, apartment details are provided very discreetly and staff will never say the apartment number aloud. A team member walks each guest to their apartments taking time to ensure they are comfortable in their surroundings and familiar with how all appliances and facilities operate. Luggage assistance is also available.

If you would like to learn more about how to book the apartments, please get in touch with the SITU. We can provide extra information and walk you through the booking process.

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