Situ Award | Valued, Overjoyed, Fulfilled, and Appreciated

Jo Redman

General, Situ News

Continuing our focus on the significance of meaningful recognition in inspiring and engaging individuals, we’re thrilled to share an update on our Q2 Situ award winners. Just how did they feel being acknowledged? And, of course, how did they relish their reward – an unforgettable day at Fire School, High Grange in Devon. 

We had six winners: Pam Lambden – Booking Brilliant, Mostyn Sherlock – Enterprising Souls, Ash Wonnacott – Led by Head & Heart, Scott Eveleigh – Most Trusted and Conar Pearson & Izzy Slater – Champions of Connection. All were voted for by the wider Situ team – including their peers, managers and directors. 

In their own words, this is how they felt when their names were called out as being Situ award winners… We think the sentiments speak for themselves, but to make them even shinier we popped them into our Situ S! 

Situ award - Situ S wordle

And on behalf of all the winners, Izzy shared this feedback with the whole Situ team: 

We just wanted to say thank you to the amazing team at High Grange’s Fire School and the time we had celebrating the Quarterly Awards recently. 

Luke and his team welcomed us with a delicious breakfast BBQ, followed by an extensive education on outdoor cooking techniques. Despite the rain and wind, we enjoyed a lamb joint and some home-grown vegetables cooked in an underground oven. 

Later, we learned how to fillet squid and red mullet and prepared burnt salsa and fish tacos around the fire. We ended the day with a delicious sirloin steak cooked directly on the coals of a BBQ and a huge lamb roast in a cosy barn. 

Except for Scott’s car getting stuck in the mud, we had a great day with Luke and the High Grange team and their lovely dog, Gilly. 

Izzy, Ashley and Conar at High Grange’s Fire School

Izzy – that all sounds wonderful, and we are so thrilled that you all had a great day out and enjoyed improving your outdoor cooking techniques and generally being at one with the great outdoors.    

Situ at High Grange’s Fire School


In the immortal words of Maya Anga Lou “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  We are so thrilled that we made our award winners feel valued, recognised and thanks. 

Stand by for news on our Q3 award winners.