7 Ways to Combat Loneliness & Anxiety in Lockdown 3.0.

Kayleigh Walter

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We’re back in lockdown 3.0 and we understand how difficult it can be for those on their own. We know the impact it can have on your mental health and wellbeing.

Some of you may be spending the lockdown in your own homes or you might be spending the days in serviced accommodation as your essential work keeps you on the road. Or you might have decided to move in with parents, friends or partners this lockdown. No matter where you might be, loneliness and anxiety can have a huge impact on us all.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways to combat loneliness and anxiety as we enter 2021 in lockdown.


This lockdown allows single-person households to form a bubble with any other household, no matter how many are in it as long as it’s only one other household. Take advantage of this if you can and bubble up. You can then have the option to mix and interact with other people.

You are also allowed to meet one other person outside of your household outside as long as you abide by social distancing rules. This is something we weren’t allowed to do last March so take advantages of this.


It is important to be aware of the situation evolving around you and the measures you can take. Understand the rules and guidelines that have been put in place, understand the symptoms and the basics of what might happen should you contract the virus. Having a better understanding of the situation will allow you to feel calmer and allow you to stay in control.

That being said, too much information can have the opposite effect and increase your anxiety and that feeling of loneliness and isolation. Too much information could cause you to fear the outside world, resulting in an increased time spent on your own (even being in lockdown with others you can still feel this intense sense of loneliness) and increase your anxiety.

Connect - Ways to combat loneliness and anxiety


Our friends, families and colleagues are just a phone call or video call away. Since last March we have found several ways that work for us to communicate, even if we can’t physically see them or meet up with them. Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype are just a few of the apps you can use to see your nearest and dearest.

Remember to talk to your friends, your family or a professional if you need too. Councillors are still available and it’s important to talk through what you are feeling so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Even though you might physically be alone, you never really are thanks to smart technology.

This lockdown, you can even watch TV with them! If you happen to have Disney+, they have added a feature which allows you to watch the same program with a buddy at the same time from different places. Allowing you to still do things together, even if it isn’t quite the same.


Is there something you’ve wanted to do but never had the chance or the time? Well now is the time to do it. Maybe like me, you said this the first time we went into lockdown and achieved very little, but it’s different this time. We know what’s coming, we’ve lived through it before and we can survive it again. The fear isn’t as crippling as it was a year ago so take that chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Never have time for the gym? Do a home work out. Always wanted to read that book but you never had the time? Now is your chance. Try and take advantage of this time we’ve been given to stay at home. Try and use this time and turn it into something positive.

But if it all seems too much for you and you don’t feel up to anything, there is absolutely nothing wrong with binge-watching your favourite tv show on Netflix. Sit down and watch every episode of Catfish (like I did) and then move onto something else. Do what you need to do to find ways to combat loneliness by distracting yourself.

Exercise - Ways to combat loneliness and anxiety


Leaving the house might seem a little daunting once again, but as long as you maintain social distancing and avoid areas that might be a little too busy, getting out of the house is a great idea.

Not only will getting some exercise increase your mood, but it will also allow you to stretch your legs and take in new surroundings, hopefully stopping you feeling stuck inside the same four walls.

Remember you are only supposed to exercise in the area surrounding your home and that travelling for exercise is not allowed in these new lockdown rules.

Hopefully, some of these ways to combat loneliness and anxiety will help ease any struggles you might have this lockdown. Remember we have lived through not one, but two lockdowns. We were strong enough to get through those and now we’ll be strong enough to get through this one.

Use this time to look after yourself, however, you may choose to spend it. Just don’t feel like you’re doing it wrong or hold it against yourself if you spend the time watching TV. Everyone will be handling this situation differently so do what you need to do and find ways to combat loneliness and anxiety.

Extra Guidance:

National Health Service (NHS) website

The official UK government website

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