A quest for the perfect pint: discovering Edinburgh’s best brews

Sandra Oberg

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Edinburgh, the charming capital city of Scotland, is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. But for beer enthusiasts, Edinburgh also offers a plethora of fantastic pubs and breweries where one can indulge in the perfect pint. Join us on a virtual tour as we explore some of the finest establishments to find Edinburgh’s best brews.

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1. The Hanging Bat

Tucked away in the atmospheric streets of New Town, The Hanging Bat is a haven for beer aficionados. This craft beer bar boasts an impressive selection of local and international brews, including a rotating range of cask ales and keg beers. With knowledgeable staff, cosy seating, and an inviting atmosphere, The Hanging Bat is a must-visit for anyone seeking unique and flavorful pints.

2. The Bow Bar

Located just off the famous Grassmarket, The Bow Bar is a true gem in Edinburgh’s pub scene. This traditional Scottish pub offers a carefully curated selection of real ales and whiskies. The Bow Bar’s commitment to quality and passion for its offerings make it an excellent choice for everyone. If you’re searching for a classic, well-poured pint in a warm and friendly environment, do give them a visit!

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3. BrewDog Edinburgh

BrewDog Edinburgh is the place to be for those looking for a taste of the craft beer revolution. Situated in the heart of the city of Cowgate, this renowned brewery has made a name for itself with its bold and innovative brews. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, BrewDog offers an extensive range of beers that cater to every palate. Take a seat in their stylish bar, soak up the vibrant atmosphere, and savour some genuinely exceptional pints.

4. Damm27

Tucked away in the heart of Edinburgh’s bustling city center lies a hidden gem known as Damm27. This intimate cocktail bar and restaurant is a sanctuary for those seeking a sophisticated and unforgettable drinking experience. Nestled on a quiet street just off the Royal Mile. Damm27 beckons passersby with its unassuming exterior, hinting at the treasures that lie within.

5. The Holyrood 9A

Nestled near the iconic Holyrood Park, The Holyrood 9A is a gastropub that offers an extensive range of beers, including both local and international brews. With a rotating selection of guest ales, lagers, and ciders, this pub ensures that there’s always something new to try. Combine your pint with one of their delicious burgers or traditional Scottish dishes for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Edinburgh’s pub scene offers a plethora of options for those seeking the best pint in town. From traditional Scottish pubs to trendy craft beer bars, there is something for every beer lover’s taste, won’t be hard to find Edinburgh’s best brews. So, whether you prefer a classic pint of ale or an adventurous craft brew, make sure to explore these top-notch establishments and embark on a beer-filled adventure during your visit to the enchanting city of Edinburgh.

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