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Our range of luxury serviced apartments in Edinburgh are the perfect accommodation option for corporate travellers. Each comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home feel whilst you're away from yours. Our short term lets in Edinburgh are located close to the city centre too, and you can choose a property that’s close to where you’ll need to be working.
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Situ Serviced Apartments in Edinburgh


The historic Scottish city of Edinburgh has an impressive castle, a vibrant nightlife and a renowned arts scene. It also happens to be the UK’s most important financial centre outside of London, and thus serviced apartments in Edinburgh are in abundance.

About Edinburgh

Why Serviced Apartments in Edinburgh?

There are many compelling reasons to book serviced accommodation in Edinburgh city centre instead of traditional hotel rooms. Whether you’re planning a business trip, a pleasure outing or a little bit of both, the Scottish capital has plenty to offer and choosing from Situ’s extensive list of high-quality Edinburgh apartments allows you to benefit from a greater level of comfort and that regular hotels are unable to offer. 

We have a selection of long and short term lets in Edinburgh which we have vetted and chosen, based on high standards of quality and service. Each property makes guests feel like they are staying in their own ‘home away from home’. This is thanks to the amazing range of services and facilities which are included in stays. Contact Situ today to learn more about how we can make your next corporate stay in Edinburgh city as comfortable as possible with Edinburgh accommodation that is right for you!

Where is Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, based in the south-east of the country. Ever so slightly north is the Leith port, which looks out onto the North Sea. Fifty miles to the west is Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city. The Edinburgh population of around 530,000 lives in a city which is built on seven hills. You may also notice the city has a layout typical of the old quarters of other European cities.

Edinburgh has Scotland’s busiest airport making the city the main hub for overseas travel. Domestically, Edinburgh is accessible by road from the M8 and M9 to the west and the M90 from the north.

As for within the city, it is easy to get around by bus. However, Edinburgh is best explored on foot. There are amazing views, hidden courtyards, and secret gardens to be discovered almost everywhere you look. You can opt to have all of this and more right on your doorstep too when you choose to stay in high-quality aparthotels in Edinburgh.

Business Travel to Edinburgh

As the second most visited city in the UK, only behind London, it comes as no surprise that Edinburgh city apartments are in such high demand amongst business travellers.

One of the main reasons the city is so attractive though is Edinburgh’s economic prowess. After all, the city is deemed as one of the biggest financial centres in the UK. Edinburgh businesses profit from this fact. The economy is supported by key industries and sectors such as finance, education, insurance and investment, whilst the Bank of Scotland has been economically vital for the city for over 300 years ago.

Another focal point of the city’s success is the four major universities. This includes the Edinburgh Napier University and the prestigious University of Edinburgh. The main university is the city’s third-biggest employer and a huge contributor to the higher education community. With such top draw educational facilities, it’s no shock that corporate and student accommodation in Edinburgh is so popular.

Business opportunities in Edinburgh are countless too. They have encouraged major companies and organisations such as Amazon, Canon and even the British-Irish council to all base themselves in the Scottish city. Visit the Invest in Edinburgh and the City of Edinburgh Council websites to find out more about the ins-and-outs of working or doing business in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh’s History

The history of Edinburgh dates back as far as 8500BC. It was around this time that the first sites were believed to have existed in the area. Fast forward to 900BC and this was when the area was first thought to have been lived in.

It was not until the seventh century though that the name ‘Edinburgh’ was created. Following a successful Anglo-Saxon invasion on a settlement called ‘Dun Eiden’, they took the word ‘Eiden’. This was combined with the word ‘Burh’, which meant ‘fort’ back then, to complete the name Edinburgh.

By the late fifteenth century, Edinburgh was Scotland’s capital city and has been ever since. To learn more about the city’s local history be sure to explore some Edinburgh Museums. For national history, check out the National Museum of Scotland.

Some of the more iconic historic structures in the city are the Edinburgh Cathedrals and Edinburgh Castle. The city has a few magnificent cathedrals. The most well-known are St Giles’ and St Mary’s, built in the twelfth and nineteenth centuries, respectively.

Equally iconic is the Edinburgh castle. It contains the oldest building in the city, the St. Margaret’s Chapel, thought to date back to at least 1130. Dominating the city skyline, the castle is a landmark, visited by over 1.5million people every year. Even if you're staying in Edinburgh short stay apartments, do what you can to make time to see any of these historic attractions as they are sights to behold.

Things to do in Edinburgh

Rarely do people ask themselves; What to do in Edinburgh? Whether you are relocating or just plan to visit Edinburgh, the city offers so much.

Worth mentioning first is Edinburgh’s New Town. Often considered to be a masterpiece of city planning, together with the 'Royal Mile' Old Town, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With grid-like Georgian architecture, the New Town features the Edinburgh shopping destinations in the city.

Shopping in Edinburgh is a fantastic experience that caters to all tastes, styles and budgets. Luxury brands, high street stores and beautiful boutiques, New Town has it all. Princes Street is home to many chain shops, while George Street has numerous Edinburgh pubs and modern bars. Many occupy former banking halls, close to many short term rentals in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has five Michelin starred restaurants too, a vibrant nightlife and a varied and accessible arts scene. For instance, you could head to The Elephant Café. This is where J.K. Rowling wrote some of the first Harry Potter book, The Philosopher’s Stone. Or, you could book stays in time for the famous Edinburgh festival.

Some of the most popular Edinburgh attractions include the Royal Museum of Scotland, Surgeons' Hall, the Royal Festival Theatre and The University of Edinburgh. Ideally, all of these sites and many more places to visit in Edinburgh are just a minutes walk from Situs self-catering apartments in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Handling the travel of over fourteen million on average every year, Edinburgh International Airport is undoubtedly Scotland’s busiest airport. The airport is ideal for the corporate traveller too. It is no more than ten miles west of the Edinburgh city centre and perfect for travel out of Scotland.

Long term serviced, luxury apartments in Edinburgh city centre are the popular accommodation choice for overseas corporates. They enable guests to stay in the heart of Edinburgh and a reasonable commute away from a range of available flights.

Edinburgh Train Station

Across the whole of Edinburgh, there are only twelve trains stations. The main station in the city is Edinburgh Waverley train station. It is also the second biggest in Scotland and represents the northern terminus of the East Coast Railway Line.

Other train stations in the city include; Haymarket, Brunstane, Slateford, Kingsknowe, Edinburgh Gateway and Edinburgh Park. Edinburgh Park is particularly popular for corporate travellers. It is based just down the road from the West Edinburgh Business park.

Edinburgh Bus and Tram Network

Buses and trams are very popular modes of transport in the city. The Edinburgh Bus station is the hub for the bus network, with the bus companies Lothian and First as the main operators. The tram network, which covers 16 stops across a 14 kilometres long line, is operated by the company Edinburgh Trams.

These networks make travelling across the city easy. Better yet, anyone can book stays in corporate housing in Edinburgh near bus and tram stops to suit their commutes and travel plans for work.

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Edinburgh Faqs

Q. What is a serviced apartment in Edinburgh?


Capable of hosting either longer or short-term corporate stays, serviced apartments are more like ‘home away from homes’. They are a type of fully furnished and facilitated housing that allows guests to live away from home whilst on business trips. They are flexible too, and allow visitors to have easy access to everything they need.

Q. What can I expect to find in serviced apartments in Edinburgh?


A corporate staying in a typical Edinburgh serviced apartment can expect to have a range of home-like facilities at their disposal. The minimum they should expect is a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi and internet access, a TV, laundry facilities, available parking and a housekeeping service. However, serviced accommodation does offer more and we encourage bookers to request whatever they expect from their upcoming stay.

Q. How much does it cost per night to stay in a serviced apartment in the Scottish capital?


Prices start from as low as £42 per night at the Braid Apartments, which are just outside the city centre.

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