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We’re here to help you create solutions and work with you to meet the requirements of your most demanding clients.

It’s a rich mix of seamless integrations, an extensive vetted global supply chain and the experienced Situ team being by your side every step of the way.

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Log in to Casa, where you can book and feel at home. Create tailored programmes for your clients reflecting preferred locations, suppliers and contracted rates in one safe secure digital environment.

You'll have effortless access to make bookings, place enquiries and request quotes. Add additional services as required too, whether it's traveller tracking, bespoke reporting, MI dashboards and integrations to third parties. It's Situ, but your way.

Casa +

Trust our technology. Complete secure and safe integrations from your platforms to our verified, assured global supply chain and systems via our proprietary API. 

Search, Book, Pay functionality is all available.  Big ideas happen here and we can certainly make yours happen. It’s a win win.

Hop onto our website and “help yourself," a world of quality, safe, secure serviced accommodation at your fingertips.  Enquire, book and pay your way.

It’s never been easier to quickly book a place to stay that’s right for your client.

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Sure we have all the tech, but we believe the best relationships start and continue with people connecting and talking. 

There's nothing we love more - so give us a call. We are here and ready and waiting to help you; a one off requirement, a programme to be created, or an integration to be developed. Stress less. Situ more.


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Call Matthew – he loves a challenge.

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We’re people people.

You’re busy. You’ve got a lot on your plate.  At least you don’t have to worry about sorting out your client's accommodation because we can make it happen for you.

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Every step of the way. 

Whether vetting or suggesting accommodation around the world, managing, or advising on bookings, or answering your questions, you’ll enjoy the best service from beginning to end.

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We say no to negativity.

Our blended approach of people who know the industry inside out and the right tech to get the job done means we always find a way to winkle out a big fat yes, whatever challenges you face. 

High standards?
Ours are higher.

We're incredibly fortunate to win many awards and accreditations. We are proud of our accomplishments and always strive to achieve more. Click HERE to see how our business has been accredited.









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