Situ In-house Guidelines



Situ in-house guidelines include but are not limited to the below listed criteria. They apply to all Situ supplier properties and communities and any violation could result in termination of your rental agreement. Situ suppliers will have additional property-specific policies where applicable. These rules and regulations can be changed, added or amended to as appropriate and is a supplemental agreement to your rental agreement.


SUPPLIER  TERMS  AND  CONDITIONS:  Please adhere to the booked accommodations site rules.  This includes their policy on smoking, vaping, illegal narcotics, food and drink brought in from outside and socially acceptable behaviour in public places.  This will vary between hotels, serviced apartments and rentals but must be read in advance of taking residence.

CLEANLINESS: Accommodation must be kept clean and tidy. Reckless and disrespectful use of properties and the facilities inside will not be accepted and you may incur charges.

COVID19: During the Covid-19 pandemic, government guidelines and social distancing must be adhered to. Any resident found to be ignoring the rules will be asked to leave the accommodation immediately to avoid risking the well-being and lives of others.

SECURITY: To protect the security of the apartment, residents are requested to restrict entry to persons unknown to them. This includes in the building or on community grounds.

EXTRA GUESTS: Bringing large  numbers of extra  guests into accommodation  is not allowed.

CHECK  OUT  DATE:  You  may  be  held  financially  responsible  if  you  do  not  check  out  of  the accommodation on the agreed check out date. You will receive these dates in advance.

OBSTRUCTIONS AND EMERGENCY EXITS:  Where applicable  no obstruction (e.g. bicycles, prams, refuse, and baggage) of any kind should be placed in the common areas, i.e. stairways, hallways or in front of any emergency exit. Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle racks provided or in the apartment. The supplier reserves the right to remove any such offending items without notice.

NOISE:  All stereo, radio and TV appliances should be kept at a volume, which will not interfere with your neighbour’s quiet enjoyment of their homes. This includes the playing of musical instruments, loudspeakers, mechanical noise, singing and other noise that might cause annoyance to the owners and occupiers of the development. Particular care should be exercised at night time.

ENTRY DEVICES: Access devices such as keys, card and fobs shall not be duplicated.  Loss of a device could result in a replacement charge. Any entrance codes shall be kept confidential.

PETS: Pets are not allowed in the development unless previously agreed in writing and in compliance with the pet policy. If pets are brought in without permission, you may incur charges.

SMOKING:  There is no smoking permitted in the apartment or within the internal development unless previously agreed in writing.

ODOURS:   Every effort should be made to diminish odours. Similarly it may not be possible to prevent odours  in and around your apartment home and community.

REFUSE: Please use correct bins for your rubbish. The area is to remain tidy and any rubbish bags or cardboard boxes discarded appropriately.

CAR  PARKING:  If  applicable,  you  must  park  in  your  designated  car  parking  space.  Cars parked elsewhere may be clamped and subject to a release fee. Speed limits and rules apply.

COMMON   AREAS,  PATIOS,  BALCONIES,   GARDENS  AND   PRIVATE  YARDS:    If   applicable   to your apartment, every effort should be made to keep these areas clean and tidy. In addition, washing must not be hung out to dry on balconies or from windows.

SWIMMING  POOLS  AND  GYMS:  In the event your apartment is part of a community with additional amenities such as a pool, restaurant or gym, you must follow guidelines of the facilities. Health, safety and security along with respect and common sense must be exercised.

RESTAURANT,  BUSINESS  CENTRE,  LIFTS  AND  LAUNDRY  FACILITIES:  Public  areas  should  be treated  with  respect  and  common  sense,  please  follow  community  rules  in  these  shared  spaces.

OUT OF OFFICE EMERGENCY CONTACT: This is provided per your check in details and generally you will have 24/7 contact with both Situ and supplier.

FIRE, FREEZING, FLOOD AND OTHER EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Please see relevant information sheet in your apartment to follow in the event of fire or other emergency.

IMPROPER USE OF SAFETY DEVICES: Safety devices such as fire alarms should not be tampered with and could result in a damage fee.

CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION:  At times there may be ongoing work at or near your apartment. Please maintain safe distance and spacing from any works. Situ’s supplier will always endeavour to make you aware of this and do their best to minimize the nuisance it may cause you.

GOVERNMENT LAWS AND ORDERS: You will obey and comply with all present and future local and federal laws, rules and regulations which affect the building or the apartment.

GENERAL  CONDUCT:  You  agree  to  communicate  and  conduct  yourself  at  all  times  in  a  lawful, courteous,  and  reasonable  manner. You agree not to engage in any abusive behaviour, either verbal or physical, or any form of intimidation or aggression. Any acts of abusive or offensive behaviour whether verbal or physical shall be a material breach of this Lease and will entitle us to exercise all our rights and remedies for default. This applies when  interacting  with  Situ, our employees,  agents,  independent contractors, and vendors; other residents, occupants, guests or invitees; or any other person in the community.

INDEMNITY: You agree to compensate us against all and any loss, damages and costs sustained by us arising out of any breach by you (or any person or people on whose behalf you make a Reservation for or who otherwise use the Apartment) of any of these Terms or the Apartment Provider’s General Policies.

DEPOSITS: We will endeavour to omit the need for a deposit with your booking however this may be required.

DAMAGES: Should damages occur during the course of your stay, due to the fault of yourself or persons  allowed  into  the  space  by  yourself,  you  are  responsible  and  we  will  help  to  mediate  the resolution with the supplier of the property.

YOUR  RESPONSIBILITY:    It is your responsibility to make us aware of any damage done, required maintenance or  excessive  cleanliness issues.  Health  and   safety   is   of   the   utmost importance  and  we appreciate feedback from those living in the units themselves.

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