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Situ’s Strategic Approach for Construction Companies in London

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Finding suitable cost-effective accommodation for employees in a city like London, especially during peak seasons, presents a significant challenge. That’s where Situ, our global serviced accommodation business, is able to provide innovative solutions. Here’s how we helped our client in the construction industry find housing for 18-20 employees across various project sites in London, all while adhering to a strict budget and a tight two-week timeline. 

The Challenge

The construction company faced a unique logistical challenge: their project locations were scattered across London, requiring a centralised accommodation hub for their employees. The need for individual space, simple commutes, and budget constraints, compounded by the peak season, made the task especially daunting.

In response, Situ’s dedicated account manager undertook a comprehensive survey of potential locations in London. After meticulous consideration, Stratford was identified as the ideal location, striking a balance between budgetary constraints and accessibility. The account manager then engaged in proactive negotiations with accommodation partners, successfully securing prices below budget, including a VAT reduction after 28 nights. 

Strategic Location and Individual Comfort 

The chosen accommodation in Stratford provided individual studios, ensuring each employee had personal space, including kitchen and living areas. The accommodation also provided access to parking. Key considerations in the selection process included proximity to tube stations and analysis of tube lines. Thus, ensuring employees could effortlessly travel across London to their respective work sites.

Despite the time constraints and the challenges of the peak season, Situ successfully met all the key criteria set by the client. The employees were comfortably housed within the stringent budget and timeline, and the strategic location choice facilitated smooth daily commutes. The client expressed great satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting the effectiveness of Situ’s tailored approach and the exceptional service provided. 

At Situ, we always value the ability to deliver tailored, efficient, and cost-effective accommodation solutions for construction companies in challenging urban environments. Our commitment to understanding and meeting client needs, even under tight deadlines and budget constraints, sets us apart. For construction companies seeking reliable and bespoke accommodation solutions, Situ stands ready to exceed expectations.

Contact us to discover how we can streamline your accommodation needs and contribute to the success of your projects. 

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