Revolutionising Corporate Housing: Situ’s Tailor-Made Corporate Relocation Solutions

Esther Plant

Case Studies

Corporate Relocation Solutions in Dublin’s Challenging Rental Market  

In the dynamic world of corporate relocation, Dublin presents a unique challenge with its high demand and limited supply of quality serviced accommodation. A leading global tech company headquartered in the USA faced this predicament, struggling to secure corporate housing for their assignees. That’s where Situ was able to step in with an innovative solution, showcasing our bespoke service capabilities in a demanding market.

The Challenge

The tech company urgently needed to find accommodation for their employees in Dublin, where the rental market is notoriously tight. Traditional sources and providers were unable to meet the demand, with existing accommodations at full capacity and new market entries not reaching the necessary standard. The situation was critical, with usual solutions proving inadequate.  

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Situ leveraged its extensive network in the Build-to-Rent (BTR) market. Our team successfully sourced and contracted an entire block of 60 brand-new apartments, which, while high in standard, required additional customisation to meet the specific corporate housing requirements. This process involved not only furnishing the apartments but also establishing necessary housekeeping and service resources – all achieved within an astonishing four-week timeframe. 

The diverse range of apartment sizes within the block catered perfectly to the varying needs of individual assignees and families. Situ’s dedicated account manager meticulously managed move-ins and move-outs, maintaining an impressive 99% occupancy rate. Our strategic approach ensured that the client had secure, high-quality accommodation for their employees. This facilitated seamless transitions and maximum cost efficiency. It also allowed the employees to relocate with ease and minimum stress. 

Beyond Cost Savings: Prioritising Quality and Efficiency for Corporate Relocation

This project transcended beyond mere cost savings; it was about ensuring efficient and quick employee relocation to a key location. Feedback from the client and assignees underscored the success of the initiative, highlighting improvements in settlement, work efficiency, and overall satisfaction with the housing solutions.  

Buoyed by the success of this endeavour, the client requested an additional 45 apartments in Dublin. We sourced these accommodations in the same way as the initial 60. Discussions for expanding this successful model to other key European locations are also underway, signifying a growing and fruitful partnership. 

This exemplifies Situ’s ability to provide custom, efficient accommodation solutions in challenging markets, reinforcing our position as a leader in global corporate relocation and housing. Our commitment to innovation, bespoke service, and client satisfaction is unwavering. For companies facing similar accommodation challenges, Situ stands ready to deliver exceptional solutions. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help your business thrive in any location, against any odds.

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