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Explore Belfast, a resurgent destination for living, relocating and tourism. Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, spare some time to visit the city’s hot spots and major attractions. Here we have collected the most exciting places to visit in Belfast.

Get the best views of the city.

Admire the stunning panorama of Belfast at one of its highest spots, the Dome at Victoria Square. The Dome is set way above the city’s skyline and gives a 360-degree view across the city. This certainly makes it a must-see place for everyone to visit in Belfast.

If you are ready for an energetic walk for the sake of a stunning view. Check out the Divis and the Black Mountain in the heart of Belfast Hills. These imposing mountains overlooking the city provide an unrivalled view of the city’s skyline and are one of the best places to visit in Belfast by day. Start your walk from the main car park on the Divis Road. The climb up and the route back down should take around three hours.

Another delightful panorama of Belfast opens from the peak of Cave Hill, another major tourist place to visit in Belfast. Visitors to Cave Hill Country Park can admire different panoramas of Belfast from various points on the hill slopes.

Belfast City Hall Belfast
Belfast City Hall – Courtesy of Unsplash

Explore the history of Belfast

By all means visit Belfast Castle, an important architectural landmark of the city that should go first on your list of places to visit in Belfast. Resting on the slopes of Cavehill Country Park, the castle’s premises comprise carefully trimmed landscaped gardens and wild woodland. Lovely views of the city open from different vantage points on the hill slopes. This also includes a clear and unobstructed view of Belfast Lough.

Another absolute must on every visitor’s list should be Queen’s University, one of the tourists’ favourite places to visit in Belfast. The main building of the university is a remarkable architectural landmark. The Belfast Botanic Gardens next to it is one of the favourite spots of locals and visitors alike. The whole ensemble is a major part of the Victorian heritage of Belfast and a great place to spend an afternoon with friends and family.

Discover the art scene in Belfast

Explore the creative side of Belfast in the Cathedral Quarter. Here you can find all sorts of exhibitions, theatre plays and visual arts performances that attract thousands of visitors every year. The central arts venue of Belfast, MAC, is the cultural hub of Belfast and one of the go-to places to visit in Belfast for extraordinary performances and contemporary art. The venue’s agenda is packed with innovative dos.

Possibly the best way to cover all the places to visit in Belfast is to follow the bank of the River Lagan that flows through the very centre of Belfast. Start at Titanic Belfast and walk towards the Waterfront Hall to see all the main city’s landmarks.

To explore a less conventional side of Belfast, follow the street art trail in the city centre. While city outskirts are famous for their political street art. The city centre is home to a wealth of remarkable non-political works.

Unveil the maritime past of Belfast

The Maritime Mile is one of the most popular places to visit in Belfast to discover its maritime heritage. The Mile runs along the city’s waterfront past the famous SS Nomadic, the Big Fish and of course the Titanic Belfast. It is also a shared space for walking and cycling and a mile of accessible waterfront.

Remember to drop into the Titanic visitor experience to find out more about this legendary ship and its maiden voyage. This detailed visitor experience will tell you how the ship was built and what the voyage was like for its passengers and crew.

Another popular shared space in Belfast is the C.S. Lewis Square, built to commemorate the famous Belfast-born author of the book series about Narnia. The square is decorated with bronze sculptures of the book characters and is one of Belfast’s favourite places to visit for stunning photos.

Party hard in Belfast

Nightlife in Belfast is an outstanding experience! The best places to visit in Belfast for buzzing nightlife are in the Cathedral Quarter. By day, this is certainly an area of lovely coffee shops and artisan shopping surrounding the stunning Belfast Cathedral and its gardens, a comely park full of lively musical attractions.

By night, this is the go-to place for a proper pub crawl. Its cobbled streets are peppered with typical pubs and taverns offering pints from local breweries. Many of them offer live music on weekend nights. Go to Kelly’s Cellars to catch a performance of traditional Irish music. Fibber Magee’s charming traditional pub is great for catching a live performance by a local band.

And by all means, try local specialities in any of these places. A wide selection of Irish stews, ploughman’s salads and juicy burgers will win anyone’s heart.

Be sure to visit the famous St. George’s Market, the oldest surviving Victorian market in Belfast with its varied stalls offering local produce and street food. This is the perfect place to visit in Belfast for fresh foods and stunning photos thanks to the building’s remarkable architecture.

Catch an ice hockey game at the SSE Arena. The home stadium of the famous Belfast Giants, members of the UK ice hockey league. For more sports, head for the Kingspan Stadium, the best place to visit in Belfast for a world-class rugby game.

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Streets in Belfast
Streets in Belfast – Courtesy of Unsplash