Situ joins Sedex – embracing sustainability

Jo Redman

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We’d like to share the good news that we have become a member of Sedex, part of our drive and undertaking to becoming a responsible business, managing both our core operation and supply chain in a way that safeguards workers, communities, and the environment.

Situ joins Sedex - embracing sustainability

Sedex’s technology and services help companies such as ourselves to source and manage our supply chains more responsibly. The platform and solutions provided empower companies with the practical tools, data analysis, and business insights needed to operate ethically, source sustainably, and work with suppliers to protect both people and the environment.

As a starting point, we have utilised the Sedex platform to conduct a self-assessment of our core operations, obtaining a pleasing ‘low risk’ rating, with a score of 2.8/10 (where a lower score indicates lower risk). Moving forward, we intend to leverage Sedex’s technology and data tools to conduct a more comprehensive assessment of our global supply chain. This will enable us to drive positive impacts, analyse key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators, and provide in-depth reporting for our clients.

Phil, our Founder and CEO, says: “Joining Sedex is a pivotal move in our commitment to our ESG objectives. It signifies our dedication to strengthening ties with our valued accommodation partners who form the bedrock of our established global supply chain. At the same time, it aligns with our goal to offer comprehensive and transparent reporting to our clients, ensuring they have clear insights into the ESG practices and credentials of all our partners.”

Sedex comments: “Sedex is delighted to welcome Situ as a member. We welcome their commitment to responsible business and look forward to supporting them to achieve their social and environmental sustainability goals.” Jon Hancock, CEO, Sedex

Becoming a Sedex member significantly bolsters our established  ‘Be More Starfish’ programme, which encapsulates our promises, actions, and achievements relating to ESG matters in one comprehensive framework. 

As you probably know, the concept of ‘Starfish’ is based on a parable with the premise that everyone can make a meaningful difference. We passionately believe that collective small actions and changes, when amalgamated, lead to substantial positive improvements.

We know that becoming a Sedex member is a significant stride in our dedication to our approach to social and environmental sustainability.   Our journey continues.