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Looking for a change in your life and business? Mexico is not the most obvious destination for relocation but it holds a wealth of opportunities. You should consider moving to Mexico City for many reasons like its proximity to the United States, many free niches in the dynamic internal market, low costs and relatively simple immigration rules. We have listed here a few tips to consider before you make your decision.

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Mexico City is excellent for business.

One of the main reasons why you should consider moving to Mexico City is its location. If you have business interests in the USA and Canada, the location has many advantages. You will live and work in the same time zones and it will be easy to travel there.

Business relocation is easy to organize, especially for IT and tech companies. You will quickly find working premises and housing for employees at low prices. Hiring technical and support staff in Mexico is easy, many specialist companies provide translators, secretaries, drivers or cleaners. Be prepared that your foreign company will need a local accountant and a lawyer, you will easily find an outsourcing company. 

Expanding your job opportunities is a good reason why you should consider moving to Mexico City. Freelancers and professionals who move here for work will find many job openings for American companies in the local market. Salaries will be lower than in the US, but quite decent for Mexico. Legalization in Mexico is easy as well. Digital nomads can obtain a residence permit based on financial independence.

Mexico City is great for remote working or relocation as internet speeds are very good and contracts are affordable. It will be easy to stay connected and enjoy the exotic pleasures of Mexico at the same time.

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Mexico City is fantastic for being active.

Mexico City is an excellent starting point for exploring the country. Moving to Mexico City offers excellent travel opportunities, and the country has a bit of everything to enjoy. Start by discovering the heritage of ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Travel across the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast for the best beaches and coral reefs. Observe the wildlife, climb mountains and cross jungles in one of many national parks. Travelling across Mexico is easy, there are a lot of regular flights from Mexico City. 

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City transport is extensive and efficient for one of the most populated capitals of the world. Intercity buses and local minibuses run frequently and the fare is low. Mexico City’s underground stretches all across the city, so travellers should plan their journey and avoid rush hours. 

Living costs in Mexico City are lower than in most European or other North American countries. Professionals who work remotely will do well in Mexico, provided they have no problems with the receipt of money in foreign accounts. The comparatively high salaries paid by international companies allow you to live very comfortably and afford a lot of travelling and entertainment.

Learn Spanish when you move to Mexico City. Learning a new skill is always a good idea, but if you live in Mexico City, you will also be more comfortable speaking the language. You will have no problems with English either, especially if you travel to one of the large coastal resorts, but speaking basic Spanish will make your relocation so much smoother.

Mexico City is great for work-life balance.

Living in Mexico City can be a very usual but mainly a positive experience. The climate is mild with little extreme weather during the year, so it is easy to live healthily. Fruits and vegetables are delightfully fresh and organic all year round. Buy fresh produce in buckets from local markets that open at 7:00. 

Life pace in Mexico City may seem unusual from the start. In general, Mexicans are early birds, life on the streets is already in full swing at 6 in the morning. Opening hours for most places are until 16:00. Evenings are long and set aside for socializing till late. Mexicans know how to work hard and party hard. They enjoy days and nights out with their extended family, with lots of great food and music.

The main reason why you should consider moving to Mexico City is the people. Mexicans tend to be very friendly and approachable, which makes integration easy. Social distances are small, new friends are quick to make and easy to maintain. Besides, locals are very foreign-friendly and free from prejudice, they will make every effort to make you feel welcome.

And that’s Situ’s list of reasons why you should move to Mexico City. Of course, you’ll also need somewhere to stay while you’re here. So do check out our carefully curated range of serviced apartments in Mexico and make the most of your stay in this fantastic city.