Looking for hot desk & coworking spaces in Berlin?

Sandra Oberg

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Today, remote working is becoming more and more common, with many people opting for a hybrid pattern, working from a location other than the office for part of the week. Increasingly, others are embracing a fully-remote working style. But maybe your home is not a suitable environment in which to work, or you miss the buzz of the office and having colleagues around. And what if you’re on the move?

The answer lies in co-working spaces, and if you find yourself in Berlin there’s a great selection to choose from. Berlin has everything you’d want in a city. It’s vibrant and attracts many entrepreneurs, start-ups, and remote workers. To make it easier to plan before you travel, we have made a list of our top hot desk and coworking spaces in Berlin!

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SpaceShack lies in the heart of Berlin, a coworking space inspired by the galaxy, with colourful furniture in different fun shapes. Variety is the key at SpaceShack! Do you like sitting, standing, or maybe even lying down when working? Here you’ll get the option to choose whatever suits your needs.

SpaceShack - coworking spaces Berlin
Courtesy of SpaceShack


The WeWork spaces are inspiring, modern, and have a really cool vibe. You get to be part of a global community that’s known for its lively arts and entertainment scene. You can find Wework spaces in several places in Berlin – so don’t worry about the location of your accommodation.

Here are all Wework locations in Berlin:


Mindspace Zimmerstraße is ideal for big companies as well as for freelancers. You can even rent private team rooms that are fully furnished with private access, your own kitchen, and meeting rooms. They offer an indoor gym, a pilates room, and a coffee shop to boost your energy during the day.

Other benefits are their wellbeing programmes, happy hours, and networking opportunities where you can get help to grow your business. 

Mindspace. coworking spaces Berlin
Courtesy of Mindspace


Do you want to take work to the next level? CoWomen is for all women, diverse people, and those who are transgender looking for some beautiful, trendy office space. Whether you’re working on your next exciting project or just need an office space away from home, CoWomen has it all.

This is a brilliant place for women in leadership, for busy working mums, and for anyone who wants to meet people who share the same values.

CoWomen, coworking spaces Berlin
Courtesy of CoWomen


The Weserland hot desk and coworking space will give you a perfect opportunity to work in the heart of Neukölln. This is a welcoming and cosy office close to many restaurants with the most amazing food.

Start your day right with your favourite coffee made from their IB7 espresso machine with fresh Berlin beans. Have a chat with interesting and friendly people from different backgrounds – programmers, writers, creatives, students, journalists, artists – you name it!


Ahoy is an excellent coworking space and is accessible to everyone. Here companies and people can rent fully-equipped office stations and conference rooms in a playful and relaxing environment. If you are looking for a short-term desk or a private office for yourself and your team, they will have you sorted.


Betahaus is a four-floor coworking space in Kreuzberg, it has a traditional but really nice office vibe. Become part of their big, diverse community of over 500 people who are looking for the same thing as you, a coworking space where they can focus and connect with other enthusiastic people.

Betahaus has lots of rooms for seminars and workshops, clean restrooms and spaces, wi-fi, good coffee, tea and drinks, and unique decor.

Techspace Kreuzberg

Techspace Kreuzberg is perfectly located in south-east Berlin, their old industrial building has been converted into a high-ceilinged office. We love how full of light this office is! You also get to enjoy their private courtyard and a balcony. It’s a good environment for getting your work done, surrounded by fun and friendly people.

Techspace Kreuzberg
Courtesy of Techspace

We hope this information was useful when looking for the best hot desk and coworking spaces in Berlin. Most importantly, a good location is key to an enjoyable time in Berlin, so do have a browse through our serviced apartments for the best combination of comfort and convenience.