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Situ’s great range of serviced apartments in Berlin have been handpicked especially to accommodate for corporate travellers. Guests in aparthotels in Berlin can enjoy the luxury of a full-functioning kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home all whilst they are away for business Our Berlin apartments are located across both the city centre and on the outskirts too, leaving corporates with plenty of accommodation options to choose from.
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Situ Serviced Apartments in Berlin


Of all the major cities in Europe, Berlin ranks right up there amongst the destinations that have the highest demand for high-quality accommodation. Welcoming around 135 million people a year, who visit for business, the demand for stays at serviced apartments in Berlin is understandably through the roof.

About Berlin

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Berlin?

Serviced apartments in Berlin are the go-to accommodation choice for corporate travellers visiting the German capital. Situ’s range of corporate apartments and aparthotels in Berlin are designed and located with businesspeople in mind, equipped and based strategically to offer the utmost comfort and convenience for the guest.

A corporate stay in Berlin apartments offers much more than a standard hotel. Guests staying in long or short term rentals in Berlin can expect to stay in a property that is well-facilitated and has everything necessary to fulfil a self-catered experience. It is fully-equipped kitchens, open spacious living areas, homely bedrooms, access to free Wifi and areas to work independently that make our Berlin accommodation the obvious choice for corporate visitors to the city.

Our accommodation range means you can be picky too, choosing to stay in either an outer area or central location that suits you and your plans.

Where is Berlin?

Berlin is Germany’s capital and has been since the thirteenth century. Not only is it the country’s largest and most populated, but it is also one has one of the largest populations in Europe, equalling nearly four million people. The capital is based in northeast Germany, just under a two-hour drive from the Polish border to the east, northeast of Leipzig and significantly west of Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover.

Despite the capital’s clear popularity with tourists and continuous network of arrivals and departures, Berlin is thankfully very easy to access. Both Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schonefeld airports make travel into both the north and the south of the city respectively, from overseas rather straightforward. They are both also superbly connected to many locations across the globe, making serviced apartments in Berlin near these airports very popular.

In terms of travel from within Germany to Berlin, or even across the city, the various railway and coach stations dotted all over are very useful. The most used stations include Berlin Central, Berlin Ostbahnhof, Berlin Gesundbrunnen and Berlin Central Coach Station which exclusively serves long-distance coaches.

Expat Life in Berlin

The economy of Berlin is amongst the most reputable in the world, especially considering its turnaround since the catastrophic impacts of the World Wars. Now, the capital city’s economy, which is hugely dominated by the service sector, is the 4th largest globally with regard to nominal GDP.

Clearly, the economic framework is there for business success, and its no wonder that Berlin boasts the world’s ‘fastest-growing startup ecosystem’. It's no surprise either that Berlin is the most company-dense region in the country. Some of the largest companies to base headquarters in the capital include Siemens, Sony and Deutsche Bahn.

So whilst there’s certainly potential for the larger business to profit from Berlin’s economy and business environment, what does the city hold for business travellers merely visiting the city? Well, the welcomeness for creativity and new ideas from all backgrounds is evident.

The city has one of Europe’s most diverse workforces and has one of the largest overseas visitor populations. The business climate is furthermore supported by the fact that it is the cheapest major city to live in the country, and amongst the cheapest in Europe. The high living standards come at a fair price and it encourages expats to take the leap and attend corporate events in Berlin.

To find out more about the business and economy of the German capital be sure to visit The Official Website of Berlin, and for information on the availability of aparthotels in Berlin get in touch with a member of the Situ team.

Living in Berlin

Berlin is easily one of Germany’s most visited cities because of it’s iconic attractions and unique culture. To start, it has some of the most prestigious and famous buildings in both national and European history. These include the Reichstag Building, which is the home of German Parliament, the Brandenburg Gate, an eighteenth-century neoclassical monument, the remarkable Berlin Wall Memorial, the Berlin Cathedral, the Berlin Fernsehturm and much much more.

Ultimately, there are so many places to see so it is very worthwhile booking a stay at a long term serviced apartment in Berlin to ensure you have enough time to visit all the major sites in the city.

It's not all about seeing the iconic sites in Berlin, however. The city also has a lot of scenery and places for visitors to stretch their legs. For instance, there’s the stunning Tiergarten which is the city’s central district and known for its iconic park of the same name.

Visitors should not rule out the Mauerpark though, home to one of the busiest flea markets and often acts as a venue for popular weekly music gigs. The banks of the huge River Spree are also a popular place to kick back and relax. Kayakers and cruises are regularly seen travelling along the river that winds its way through the city.

Overall, there’s so much to do and see in Berlin, whether it be visiting iconic buildings, stopping by a lovely city café or taking a stroll at one of the many beautiful parks. Life in Berlin is relaxed - and made even more relaxed by the great range of fully furnished apartments in Berlin that are on offer to visiting corporates.


Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF) Airports

Tegel, located in the northwest, and Schoenefeld, located in the southeast, are the two main airports that function in the city, surrounded by a huge range of Berlin accommodation options.

Taxis travelling to the city centre can be found in a rank situated in front of Terminal A or buses travelling in six-minute intervals can take you to Berlin’s main railway station.

Berlin U-Bahn

Making up a huge part of the city’s public transport network and known for its yellow-coloured trains, this subway runs over ten lines across a network consisting of 146 kilometres of track and 173 stations across Berlin.

Despite ‘U-Bahn’ meaning ‘underground subway’ there are also some lines which run on above-ground tracks. Visit the website to find out more about U-Bahn tickets and timetables.

By Bus

Berlin Buses are vital for the city’s most urban areas, enabling travel across routes which other modes of transport cannot access. If you are staying in serviced apartments in Berlin suburbs, keep an eye out for buses number between 100 and 400 which can connect the outskirts and the city centre.

Metro Buses between M11 and M85 runs 24 hours a day at every ten minutes whilst Night Buses are marked with the letter ‘N’ and replace U-Bahn routes.

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