Pack your suitcase with the most sustainable travel essentials

Sandra Oberg

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Is this the year when you decide to take the next step and travel more sustainably? There are tons of different sustainable travel essentials out there nowadays. We’ve got some brilliant ideas to get you started on your new environmentally-friendly journey!

Pack your bag with the most sustainable travel essentials.
Courtesy of Anete Lūsiņa

Don’t forget your reusable water bottle

It’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re travelling. Unfortunately, many single-use water bottles are being discarded in nature, on the streets, or in the sea, causing massive damage to both our environment and our wildlife.

Every year, we throw away enough plastic (not only bottles) in the UK to circle the world five times. Most UK households throw away at least 40 kg of plastic each year. This is terrible, right? Let’s do whatever we can to change our habits!

Reusable drinking bottle to help with sustainable travel essentials.
Reusable water bottle – courtesy of

Ditch the plastic toothbrush – use plant-based toiletries.

In the modern world, we’ve all heard about the new bamboo trend, however, it’s not for everyone! There are still some great options if you fancy trying other sustainable travel essentials. Among the plastics that most people use daily, our household products are also something to consider as many of them come in plastic packaging.

Here are a few examples worth looking into!

  • Solid eco body wash/shampoo/conditioner – perhaps give bars a try?
  • An eco-friendly toothbrush
  • Non-plastic safety razors
  • Toothpaste tabs
  • Natural deodorants
Eco-friendly shampoo bar
Shampoo Bar – Courtesy of FitNish Media

You can find eco-friendly toothbrushes that look pretty much like normal plastic, but many of them are derived from plants (bio-based) and are recyclable. All you need to do is a little research to find the best option.

Grab a coffee without hard feelings

Roughly 500 used coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every minute. But you can still grab a takeaway hot drink and be kind to the planet, just bring a reusable travel mug with you on your next trip and ask the baristas to use your cup – they don’t usually mind!

Going shopping? Bring reusable shopping bags!

Having your own shopping bags is not only eco-friendly, but you’re also saving yourself from paying for them each time. Instead of asking for single-use bags, buy a tote or a bag made from recycled material that will last for years. Most importantly, try to remember to always bring it with you!

Sunny destination? Buy reef-safe sunscreen

It’s not all about packaging and materials. You should also have in mind that many products such as sunscreens often contain chemicals that can harm coral reefs indefinitely. Here’s something that might make you think again. If all people who swim in reef areas applied sunscreen once a day, it would be the equivalent of dumping nearly 58 gallons of oil into the ocean. So please, when buying sunscreen, have a look first to ensure that it’s reef-safe.

I’d also recommend buying sunscreen made from eco-friendly materials to help preserve marine life and support sustainable production.

Long-lasting footwear, swimwear and clothing

It’s a great start to pack lightly, this will reduce your vehicle’s fuel intake and lower your journey’s carbon footprint. Challenge yourself to reduce your packing and bring only what you need!

Another top tip, pack some high-quality footwear to save yourself from having to buy a new pair after all the walking you do when sightseeing.

Of course, many travellers want to go shopping when abroad. That’s totally fine as long as you don’t overdo it, and why not do partly second-hand/vintage shopping? Whatever you choose, there are many local shops that encourage sustainable clothing made from regenerated ocean plastic and other recycled materials.

Eco-friendly clothes for a sustainable travel.
Sustainable clothing – courtesy of Alyssa Strohmann

Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to pack your suitcase with more sustainable travel essentials. You can find loads of eco-friendly products available online and in-store to help you get started.

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