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Brussels has a wide variety of superb tourist attractions, from beautiful buildings to wonderful landscapes. To top it off, the Belgian capital is also one of the greenest cities in Europe. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the many green spaces in the city and picked our own top ten best parks in Brussels! 

Brussels Park 

The Park that bears the city’s name is a Royal Park, which is very similar to a park you might find in London. This open space, known as Parc de Bruxelles to the French speakers or Warandepark to Flemish speakers, is a former royal hunting ground, with the Royal Palace to be found on one side of the park.

Here you’ll find fountains, statues, a memorial to the composer Sibelius, a theatre and the Woodpecker restaurant. Here you can eat burgers and vegetarian dishes until 9 pm in the evening during the summer months. 

Parc du Cinquantenaire 

Also known as the Jubelpark, this site in the city’s European Quarter was laid out in 1880 to mark the 50th anniversary of Belgian independence. 

It’s home to some fine gardens and monuments, as well as the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces & Military History and the Royal Museums of Art and History.  

Perhaps the highlight of the park is the three adjoining triumphal arches, and you can climb to the top for a great view of the city. Music-lovers will appreciate the regular concerts and other special events which the park hosts all year round.

The Triumphal Arch. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Ter Kamerenbos / Bois de la Cambre 

Like most of the city parks, this has both a Flemish and a French name. The Bois de la Cambre is a large, formally laid-out park with extensive woodland and water features. It’s located just to the south of the city centre. 

Egmont Park 

Egmont Park is a small centrally located park next door to the Egmont Palace. This green space is particularly noted for its tall trees. The former Orangery building is now a restaurant that serves a great Belgian brunch. 

Laeken Park 

The Laeken Park adjoins the estate of Laeken Palace, one of the principal residences of the Belgian monarch. Here you’ll find an enormous statue of King Leopold I, alongside some fine chestnut and magnolia trees.

If you’re looking to learn a bit more about Belgian heritage, whilst relaxing in one of Brussels’ most beautiful spots, Laken Park might just be for you.

Square of Petit Sablon

Another small city centre greenspace, the Square’s most striking feature is the wrought-iron balustrade. It’s made up of 48 bronze statuettes, which run around the perimeter of the park.  

Some fine old mansions and churches also surround the square which are worth looking at.

Leopold Park 

King Leopold is commemorated here in this European Quarter Park, which bears his name. This landscaped park with lakes and trees is also home to the Museum of the Institute of Natural Sciences and the magnificent Solvay Library.

A mixture of history and greenery surely goes down as a hit amongst the many visitors to the city.

Josaphat Park 

A little way outside the city centre in the district of Schaerbeek. This park has some of the best sculptures and outdoor art in Brussels. 

It’s also home to a number of ponds and a large children’s playground, while concerts and open-air cinema events take place here frequently. 

Marie Louise Square 

This is perhaps the perfect place to relax in the heart of the city. The Marie Louise Square is a small open space lined with trees and surrounded by greenery. Unlike the other parks, also Marie Louise is also dominated by a lake, along with its fountain and waterfall. 

Marie Louise Square. Courtesy of Brussels Pictures.

Duden Park 

Slightly to the south-west of the city centre in the Forest district, this park has extensive woodlands and is famed for its beech trees. The herbaceous borders are also well worth seeing. 

Many joggers come here to run along the marked trails, despite the fact this is a rather hilly park. The views of the city from its highest point (90 metres above sea level) are excellent too. 

La Sauvagère Park 

This park in the south of the city really is the place to bring the children. The playground here includes a slide, a giant tube, a huge sandpit, a pirate deck, a climbing net and a fireman’s pole. After all that, you can then take them to the animal enclosure.

Clearly, Brussels truly lives up to its name as one of Europe’s greenest cities. If you are as keen as we are to visit some of these ‘best parks in Brussels’ whilst you are in the Belgian capital, on a business or leisure trip, SITU can source you serviced apartments in Brussels within close proximity. That way, you can ensure you are never staying too far from a beautiful park in Brussels.

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