The Future Of Business Travel

Alyssa Thompson

Travel News

Trends and predictions on post-pandemic business travel and the accommodation industry.

We have been debating the following question for well over a year. What is the future of business travel?

Adapting to the pandemic and the needs of businesses saw a spike in virtual meetings and the introduction of remote working for the masses. As business travel starts to regain its footing, it will be interesting to see how much the virtual workforce has taken over.

In our experience, serviced accommodation provided the answer to travellers and businesses alike throughout the pandemic. As hotels were called to close for their abundance of public, communal spacing; serviced accommodation paved a way for key workers to continue their jobs whilst staying in Covid safe.

As the call for remote working took the world by storm; the travel and tourism sector suffered great losses. The global population settled into life under new restrictions and the sector as a whole seemingly hit a standstill. Adaptation to a “new normal” was necessary for survival whilst the industry itself was evolving.


The World Travel and Tourism Council (WWTC) identified 4 trends for the needs of the traveller. These trends and adaptation to them can be vital in the future of business travel and the recovery of the industry.

Demand Evolution – Travellers are at the heart of our industry. There has been a noticeable change in their behaviours. If travel is essential, they will opt for familiar, predictable and trusted options. There is little to no room for risk. Recommendations from trusted friends, family and working professionals form a large part of the decision-making process.

Health and Hygiene – The safety of travellers is paramount in the industry. Even more so in a post-Covid era. Physical distancing and other mitigating actions are still being recommended by the World Health Organisation. As industry professionals, we carry a responsibility to ensure our travel partners are taking all the steps in ensuring safety.

The continued steps SITU are taking to protect our clients and suppliers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic can be found here.

Innovation – One of the greatest changes the pandemic has brought to us is the recognised need for innovative thought, design and practice. Adapting to the change includes the introduction of processes such as contactless technologies and digital key access. Digital measures allow us to restore confidence in our travellers that it is safe and we have their best interests at heart.

Sustainability – A positive to have emerged from the global pandemic is the restoration of natural habitats and the awareness of the Earths sustainability. Eco-friendly travel has become a higher priority for travellers organisations wanting to do their bit to promote the wellbeing and environmental responsibility we all share.


A conscious traveller can be described as those who find themselves more selective on what trips they take and the distance they travel. They are questioning the need for travelling away from home and hail the merits of remote working.

Serviced accommodation and conscious travellers go seamlessly hand in hand. Travel for business purposes can be inevitable and at SITU we provide the perfectly placed solution. We can source a home away from home. Unlike hotels, we provide accommodation options that are private, self-sufficient and are a place of your own. For conscious travellers, we can guarantee the place to be your own. All SITU accommodations undergo health and safety checks to allow us to provide you with the highest level of service and reassurance.


We have no assurances for what the future of business travel will look like. It provides a source of reassurance to see countries around the world are adopting and implementing vaccination rollouts. A continued effort from industry professionals, government bodies and businesses combined can see the sector back up and running soon.

We appreciate there is still a requirement for essential travel. So, rather than risk the health of those who need to be away from home, we would like to offer access to our extensive network of serviced apartments throughout the UK.

Call (0)1392 690 079 today or visit our website to find out more. Let SITU find the right serviced accommodation for you.