Happy Valentine’s Day from SITU | Our Best Serviced Apartments and Destinations for a Romantic Getaway

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The tradition of Valentine’s Day is firmly cemented in modern-day society. We exchange approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards every year, with Christmas being the only more popular card-sending holiday. Yet, the legend of Valentine’s Day is still murky to this day, and the myths surrounding the Saint are numerous.

Popular opinion suggests though that the first knowledge of a Valentine’s Day came as early as 496, following the Pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Nowadays, we always recognise 14 February as the day of love. When new romances flourish, and current relationships believe in a call for celebration. This Valentine’s Day, we have picked a few of our favourite serviced apartments which are perfect for getaways to some of the most romantic destinations worldwide.


Known as the ‘City of Love’, it is almost impossible to argue a more appropriate destination than Paris for a romantic getaway. It is as if romance seeps out of the Parisian city walls. Couples love to look up at the Eiffel Tower or take blissful strolls across the several ‘love-locking’ bridges. Particularly popular too amongst lovebirds is booking a dinner cruise along the River Seine. This is best at night time when the lights of Paris are on full display. Of course, visitors enjoy the French cuisine of oysters, champagne and croissants too.

All these aspects of Paris are easily accessible from Richard Lenoir Apartments, which provide guests with the perfect place to retire to after a long day of exploring. Each apartment has an elegant design and caters practically for couples looking for something stylish, relaxed and comfortable in the vibrant city centre.

For those looking to be outside the bustling centre, on the other hand, Louvre Apartments provide beautiful accommodation just down the road from the amazing Louvre Museum and the stunning Tuileries Gardens. The ambience within the rooms is enchanting. They have been housing couples since the historic building first opened its doors back in the early 1900s. These serviced accommodation options compliment Parisian romance superbly and are sure to enable the best of Valentine’s Day’s in perhaps the most romantic city in the world.


Whilst Budapest may not be amongst the household names for romance, its beauty should not be underestimated. Budapest benefits from the intersecting Danube River, the second largest of its kind in Europe. Travellers to the city enjoy taking romantic strolls alongside the river and picnicking on the Margitsziget, or Margaret Island. Some locals consider the island to be the most romantic place in Budapest, the city’s hidden gem.

Walking tours are available too for those looking to explore the rest of the city. There is no shortage of pleasant food and drink stop-offs either. Ranging from the beautiful interior of New York Palace Café to the charming garden of the Cuban La Bodeguita del Medio, Budapest eatery options are widespread to cater for all couples visiting the city.

Merleg Serviced Apartments are perfectly placed for those planning a Danube River stroll. Couples can enjoy relaxing in the on-site sauna, before departing for the river views only minutes away. From the minute you enter these apartments, you feel at home. This is thanks to facilities that accommodate all guests, including Valentine’s Day visitors.

Mamaison Residence Izabella also has homely accommodation perfect for Valentine’s Day, in between the Danube River and the City Park (Városligeti Műjégpálya) and its ice rink. The ice rink is a Valentine’s Day favourite, and the recently refurbished apartments, equipped with TV’s, wide-ranging kitchen facilities and a pleasant outside area, allow guests to settle down after an afternoon of couple skating.

Your trip does not have to be all about romance either. Both these serviced apartment options are nearby significant Hungarian landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Hungarian State Opera House and the famous Andrassy Avenue. It could not be easier to enjoy a Valentine’s Day in Budapest, a dark horse for romance and couple getaways.


Where better to announce your Valentine’s Day love for your partner than the Eternal City, where memories last forever. That last statement may be a horrendous cliché and make some readers wince with discomfort. Yet, this does not take anything away from the fact that Rome is a city of beauty and long history. Travellers are in awe of the city’s splendour and magnificence.

Typically, first on the list of romantic places to visit is the Roman Forum, or the Temple of Venus. Dedicated to the goddess of love, the temple is a landmark of Rome’s ancient past. It is a rare example of combined history and beauty into one attraction.

Since the temple’s creation, couples have continued to visit Rome’s more modern features to get their romance fix. The Astronomic Observatory of Rome is popular. Here couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day evening by looking up at the stars (simulation) and enjoying a picturesque view of the whole of Rome overnight.

Equally satisfying is dining with a view. Restaurants or cafés near the likes of the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain can make for a date like no other. During the day, couples also profess their affection for one another by ‘padlocking their love’ to a lamppost on the Ponte Milvio bridge. Keys are then tossed into the Tiber River, much like on the bridges of Paris. Ultimately, the ‘When in Rome’ attitude is important to ensure visitors to this beautiful city feel part of the Valentine’s Day atmosphere the locals love.

Based in the centre of Rome, Via Gaeta Apartments have eight practical properties, well-equipped with facilities ideal for those looking for long term stays. Guests can easily return to their accommodation after a day of Roman exploration, thanks to the good connections to public transport. They also have the comfort of knowing these serviced apartments have 4G Wi-Fi and Sky HD Cinema entertainment. Nights in are a good choice here, sometimes making it hard to leave, even on Valentine’s Day evening!

For those couples looking to be slightly outside the lively heart of Rome, Babuino and Greci serviced apartments are good alternatives. They are both just a stone’s throw away from the River Tiber and the popular Villa Borghese Gardens. The gardens are home to an aesthetically pleasing park including numerous museums and popular Rome attractions. Accommodation options such as this compliment the city brilliantly, and are sure to grant guests a Valentine’s short stay in Rome they will never forget.

Northern Lights, Finland

The Northern Lights, or the polar lights, have been a known natural phenomenon for over two hundred years. It’s first on-record sighting came as early as the 1700s. Although in the years beforehand witnesses interpreted the lights as a bad omen, people have grown to love the spectacle. Aside from the fact the natural light display forms as a result of a collision of energetically charged particles in-and-out of the earth’s atmosphere, the Cree people of Canada instead, more interestingly, call the lights the ‘Dance of the Spirits’.

The Northern Lights are clearer from high latitude regions, such as the Arctic or Antarctic. However, enthusiasts and couples prefer travelling to countries with less extreme climates for more comfortable, romantic viewings. The Nordic countries Iceland, Norway and Finland are most popular for sights of the Aurora Borealis, with Finland’s Lapland, in particular, attracting over 160,000 tourists each year purely just for the light display. Chances of a sighting are most common in Finland between September and March, making it ideal for Valentine’s Day travellers. Couples visit Helsinki especially as they love the package deal of the capital’s activity with the chance of stunning aurora skyline.

On Helsinki’s western harbour are the stylish, spacious Juutinraumankatu Apartments, where comfort and convenience come hand-in-hand. This serviced accommodation is exceptionally furnished and well connected to the city’s public transport. Couples can, therefore, opt to either stay in or explore the city hassle-free. Guests love to wind down after a busy day of travelling by taking advantage of the on-site sauna and flat-screen TVs which come with every apartment. Guests can be sure that a Valentine’s Day spent here, accompanied by a night of looking up at the Northern Lights, is full of relaxation and contentment.

Also perfectly placed on the outskirts of Helsinki’s lively centre, the Runeberginkatu Serviced Apartment has everything a guest would need. Floor-to-ceiling windows cleanse the living spaces with natural sunlight, and the private balcony space is a great addition to an already comfortable apartment. Both these properties are great choices for travelling couples, allowing a holiday of romance in Finland to be memorable.

Ultimately, the best Valentine’s Day experiences are relative depending on the preferences of the couple. For those couples who enjoy travelling and staying in serviced accommodation abroad, however, the opportunities to create a treasured memory are endless.

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