A trip to São Paulo | Situ’s first live location in South America

Sandra Oberg

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Situ is rapidly growing bigger and bigger… We have activated our first live location in South America – hurrah! You can now find a wide range of different beautiful and modern accommodations in São Paulo – just a click away to book.

You know the feeling when you have arrived at the apartment, your suitcase is unpacked and you have a bit of spare time to explore this lively city. It can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to begin. So, here is our guide on what to do on your trip to São Paulo!

Cityscape over buildings in São Paulo
Cityscape over São Paulo – Courtesy of Lucas Marcomini

Grab a bite to eat in São Paulo

You may be exhausted after a long flight – even jetlagged! All you want is to start your business trip with some nice food. How about a traditional Brazillian dinner? Coco Bambu Analia Franco is an elegant, ambient, and really cosy restaurant. They offer many different delicious dishes, however, their seafood really is incredible and a must-try.

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a Michelin star? Tordesilhas has been around for more than 30 years in São Paulo. The restaurant brings a new look to all the old Brazilian classics.

You can find pretty much any type of food you want in São Paulo. After all, it is a large city with over 12.33 million people and has the country’s best restaurants. Take a walk to the main street Paulista Avenue and you will easily spot what you are looking for.

Experience culture in São Paulo

On your trip to São Paulo, you will notice it’s always a lot going on. All the great restaurants, amazing bars and nightlife, and many interesting and inspiring galleries and museums to visit. While this may not be on all travellers lists, this energetic city has so much to offer for art lovers.

MASP (Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand) is recognised to be the best art museum in Brazil. Great art collection and exhibits, some classics like Picasso, Renoir, Velásquez, and Bosch – as well as some wonderful Brazilian artists. MASP’s magnificent building came from the mind of Lina Bo Bardi, the design of the building gives it an illusion of floating.

The stunning museum Pinacoteca de São Paulo was opened in 1905. It is the oldest museum in the city. The Pinacoteca has some of the best collections of Brazilian art in the country, a must-visit if you want to experience the art culture in Brazil.

Step into the street art haven Galeria Choque Cultural (Culture Shock Gallery), you will literally get a culture shock! This gallery is quite small, however, it really is worth your time. You will find new exciting artwork full of graffiti and other brilliant progressive art.

A stroll around Municipal Market

If you want to try authentic Brazilian food, it’s definitely worth visiting the fantastic Municipal Market. Here you can buy fish, meat, fresh fruit, Brazilian nuts, cheese, coffee, and lots of other food. Walking around checking out all the stalls is really fun. There’s something for everyone, but it is most famously known for the sanduiche mortadella. A very popular type of sandwich, especially in São Paulo.

Fresh local fruit in Municipal Market in São Paulo
Fresh local fruit in Municipal Market in São Paulo – Courtesy of Anderson Santos

Take a break in the beautiful parks in São Paulo

Cities can sometimes be too stressful and leave you with a frustrating feeling. Parque Ibirapuera is a massive park in the middle of São Paulo. Enjoy a nice walk in one of the biggest parks in South America by the lake with running trails, bike paths, museums and cafes.

Parque Ibirapuera bridge
Parque Ibirapuera bridge – Courtesy of Mariana Santos

Want to get away from the crowds? Jardim Botânico is calm, green and refreshing – the city’s botanical garden! This park is a bit further away from central but is well worth seeing. It provides a beautifully appointed sanctuary for thousands of tropical plants and animal species.

Jardim Botânico
Jardim Botânico – Courtesy of
Gabriel Ramos & Damáris Gonçalves

If you want to make your visit easy and relaxing on your trip to São Paulo – check out our serviced apartments in the area. The Situ team is always happy to help! There are no impossible bookings. Visit our website here to find more information, or call us on 01392 690 079 or email us at [email protected]