Best Places to Visit in Rome – A Short Trip Guide

Known as the “Eternal City” by the Ancient Romans. It was believed that no matter what happened around the world, Rome would never fall. Once the impressive epicentre of the Roman Empire, Rome is now home to a collection of historical and captivating landmarks.

While tourists have all the time to enjoy the sights, business travellers have to plan carefully if they want to enjoy the Eternal City during their short or busy visits. So we summed up all the must-see places in Rome.

The Colosseum

The Flavian Amphitheatre is an iconic sight associated with Rome. Enveloped by tales of armoured gladiators and hungry lions, the Colosseum is a symbol of power, drama and entertainment. The original capacity had seating for over 50,000 spectators, all excited to watch the show!

Emperor Titus celebrated the inauguration of the Colosseum through 100 days of games which took the lives of over 2000 gladiators. Although the Colosseum was neglected after four centuries of active use, it still remains a jewel in Italy’s crown, drawing 7 million-plus visitors each year.

Today, the Colosseum is open for a fully immersive, must-see tourist experience! Guided tours are recommended to understand the rich (and bloody) history. To beat the crowds, head over first thing in the morning! Check out the list of apartments situated within only 10-15 minutes walk from the Colosseum here.

Trevi Fountain

Another staple forming the iconic collection of landmarks in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. Engraved with an ensemble of mythical figures and wild horses taking up its entire side. Its water comes from a famed Roman underground aqueduct, Aqua Virgo, and its name derives from the “the vie” (three roads) that converge at the fountain.

Be sure to follow the tradition of tossing a coin into the water, to ensure you will return to Rome. The coin toss etiquette involves throwing the coin from your right hand, over your left shoulder, with your back facing the fountain.

There is an etiquette when visiting the Trevi Fountain, so please follow the below rules:

  • No paddling or bathing.
  • No food or drink on the steps.

The above infractions can carry an on the spot fine of up to €500. SITU’s Via Del Corso Accommodation or Corso Double Apartments are only 7 minutes walk away from this historic landmark!

Vatican City

The Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world, with a total area of just over 100 acres enclosed in its walls. It is home to the Pope, cardinals and members of the clergy and the Swiss Guard.

Famously known as an ecclesiastical state ruled by the Pope (the Bishop of Rome and head of the Catholic Church). The city mints its own Euros, issues passports and license plates along with having their own national anthem and flag!

Within the prestigious walls of the Vatican City, there are a number of religious and cultural sites; such as St Peters Square and Basilica (Italy’s largest and most spectacular basilica) and the Sistine Chapel (home to Michelangelo’s most famed work).

The Vatican is open to the public Monday – Friday, but is known for its crowds so be sure to book ahead to avoid waiting in long queues! Here’s the list of apartments situated just outside the Vatican City walls.

Roman Forum

The Forum is a large archaeological site in Rome. A sprawl of ruins mapping out a district of temples, basilicas and public forums. Developed in the 7th century BCE, it grew to become the hub of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Forum was the centre of daily life in Ancient Rome and home to public gatherings, markets, shops, trials, elections and even gladiatorial combat.

Throughout the Roman Empire, the Forum became the site of the city’s grandest temples and monuments. Walking through the ruins, you can imagine yourself immersed in the crowds and walking the footsteps of Julius Caesar himself.

Unfortunately, the fall of the Roman Empire led to the site falling into disrepair until its excavation. The Roman Forum is an archaeologists dream.

Top tip! The ruins can be confusing so a map is essential.

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