Top 10 Productivity Tips to Achieve More At Work

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We are all busy people. It is very rare to come across someone who isn’t. In a world full of distractions, we keep searching for ways to increase productivity and time management to achieve more in our lives. We have compiled a list of our top 10 productivity tips to achieve more at work and help create peace of mind.


The act of writing down a task, or something you need to do frees up your mind and removes the waste of energy used trying to remember it. Trying to think of all your uncompleted commitments takes up energy and distracts you from tasks ahead, making you less productive.

A simple pen and paper can help set you on the road to productivity, or you can utilise online work management tools to organise your to-do list.


An excellent way of maximising your daily productivity can be achieved the night before. You could take 10 minutes at the end of your working day to look over and understand your list of jobs to perform the following day.

This allows you to prepare yourself mentally, and familiarise yourself with your schedule. What meetings do you have? What tasks need to be completed? Will any tasks need to be moved to the next day?

Deciding your plan of action for the next day will boost your productivity and allow you to hit the ground running and maximise your working hours.


We have all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. This is something we know to be true.

Starting the day off with the right breakfast can fuel you for the rest of the day and provide you with the energy you need to maximise your productivity.


We are all familiar with those dreaded items on our to-do list that seem impossible to complete. Whatever your task may be, it will be a cause of distraction for you the longer you put it off.

Avoid the temptation of ticking off all the easy tasks first and tackle that overwhelming task. The satisfaction of completing a dreaded task will carry you through the rest of your day and give you a positive feeling.


One of the greatest hindrances to productivity is distraction. This is applicable to both working in an office environment or working from home. The presence of constant interruptions can deter you from your focus and kill your productivity.

Technology can both make your life easier, and also be one of the largest causes of distractions. It is almost impossible to maintain focus with distractions such as social media, online messaging, etc.

Where you can, schedule a block of “focus time” into your day where you can turn off your technology and ask your colleagues not to distract you. You can dedicate time to cross items off your to-do list and achieve your goals.


Productivity has an expiration date. There is a limit on how long you can devote your focus to a specific task.

After a certain period of time, your body starts to fatigue, both physically and mentally. It is important to schedule breaks and get yourself moving. Take time away from your desk, hydrate, walk and stretch your body. Short breaks will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to continue your tasks.


If your daily routine or to-do list features tasks that are similar, band them together! Allocate time in your day to complete them at one time. Matching tasks will help improve your productivity and will help combat the feeling of repetitiveness.


A study from the CDC told us that healthy people are more productive.

It does not have to be spending hours in the gym, just enough to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Exercise also helps you to clear your head and re-focus on tasks you need to complete.


If you are working in a position where you are able to delegate tasks to others, make sure you utilise it. Be careful though – do not cross the line and empty your workload to someone else.

Evaluate your to-do list, see what tasks can be reasonably spread out and ask if that would be ok. If you are not in the position to delegate your tasks but find yourself feeling overwhelmed, ask for help.

10. SAY NO

Do you find your day and to-do list hijacked by other people’s priorities? The art of saying no can be a daunting one as you do not want to disappoint those around you. Consider the request that someone is making of you, judge if it is a suitable time or you are the suitable person. If the answer to these questions is no – say it.

Remember that no is a complete sentence.

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