Goodbye Lockdown 3.0!| Top Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety

As the vaccination rollout gets into full swing across the world, people in some countries start looking toward a brighter future and easing off the various lockdown restrictions.

Countries, including Britain, Israel and Portugal, are seen to be reopening shops, restaurants and social activities. With this, social anxiety is a hot topic on peoples lips.

These changes can pose a challenge for many of us facing realisations that we are returning to an environment we have not experienced in a while.

For a large majority of Brits, we are excited at the prospect of reuniting with our families and friends. This excitement unfortunately is not shared by all.  For many people, returning to old routines and reintegrating into the social scene can induce unwanted feelings of anxiety and stress.

Having spent the past year in a nationwide lockdown, we cannot deny that we have become accustomed to the “new normal”. We have our smaller social circles and stay at home lifestyles. Now, facing the reopening of outdoor activities and dining experiences, it is making us address these anxieties head-on.


Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is a disorder that can cause a fear of social settings. Many people experience feelings of shyness or occasional worry when it comes to social situations, however, these feelings tend to be temporary.

For those who suffer from social anxiety, the overwhelming feeling of worry and fear can be present before, during and after a social situation. These feelings tend to be persistent and debilitating.

Recognising the symptoms in yourself can be a useful way to improve your mental health. This can be achieved by identifying changes in your thoughts and behaviours such as:

  • Worrying about everyday activities such as meeting strangers, speaking on the phone, working or shopping.
  • Experiencing fearful thoughts over being criticised or saying the wrong thing.
  • Avoiding eye contact, experiencing nausea, sweating and experiencing panic attacks in overwhelming moments of fear and anxiety.
  • The fear that you are doing something embarrassing (blushing, sweating).
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Whilst not all of us are able to stop the feelings of anxiety and stress from encroaching into our thoughts, self -help techniques can help reduce the feeling of pressure.

Below we have a list of some top tips and techniques that can help when trying to overcome social anxiety:

  1. Go at your own pace.
  2. Set small and achievable goals.
  3. Celebrate your wins.
  4. Avoid overcrowded areas.
  5. Try to not compare yourself to others.
  6. Build up a tolerance – challenge yourself daily.
  7. Vary your routine – mix it up and see a mix of different people.
  8. Focus on your self-care – take time out to focus on your health and wellbeing.

For more tips on overcoming anxiety, take a look at our other blog posts.

Extra guidance: If you need advice on social anxiety, please seek medical advice or speak to your GP.

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