Visiting Switzerland? The ultimate business travel guide to Bern

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Bern amazes visitors with both its antique sights and its modern entertainment. A wealth of modern museums and exhibitions invite business visitors and tourists and offer plenty of activities for a long or a short stay. Have a look at the ultimate business travel guide to Bern for a successful trip.

An autumn day in Bern
An autumn day in Bern – Courtesy of

Get to know Bern

The capital of Switzerland Bern is also the capital city of the German-speaking canton so a working knowledge of German will be useful. However, Bern is a very multinational city as about a third of its population are foreign nationals. If you don’t know German -don’t worry, English will be necessary for business and leisure activities as well. All payments are made in Swiss francs, but many shops accept payments in euros and charge a small fee for the service. All major cards are accepted and cash machines are easy to find.

The history of Bern

Alterbern, the Old Town of Bern, has been part of the UNESCO heritage-listed sights since 1983. Walk along its winding old streets, seemingly untouched by time, to experience the unique atmosphere of medieval Switzerland. The Cathedral of Bern is a masterpiece of unrivalled beauty that proudly rises over the medieval Old Town by a striking 100 metres. This is a magnificent example of late Gothic and the cathedral is the largest temple in Switzerland.

The building of the Federal Palace is one of the newest sights of Bern and perhaps the most visitor-friendly seat of parliament in Europe. This stunning masterpiece of modern architecture is a top place to visit in Bern on a business trip. It is the seat of the Swiss government, and visitors are welcome to admire the artful details of the facade and the stunning interiors. 

The Old Town in Bern - a business travel guide to Bern
The Old Town in Bern – Courtesy of

For the science fanatics…

Be sure to pay a visit to the house museum of Albert Einstein. The author of the theory of relativity and the founder of modern physic was a modest employee of the patent office. Albert Einstein lived in Bern for two years. In memory of this outstanding scientist, the house of the genius invites visitors to admire the souvenirs and the original furnishings of his home.

The Museum of Communication is definitely among the top places to visit in Bern for business visitors. This is the only museum in the country devoted exclusively to the history of human communication in all its forms. From body language to intercultural dialogue in mass media, from mail to the Internet. Business visitors in Bern will appreciate the permanent exhibition on computer history and digital culture that covers the past 50 years and presents the drastic change brought about by computers in our lives.

The best outdoor activities

Admire the delightful views of Bern and the Alps from the Gurten mountain that crowns the south outskirts of Bern. Plenty of entertainment is available to locals and visitors in the national park on the sides of the mountain. No vehicles are allowed on the mountain, so be sure to ride the antique funicular dating back to 1899.

The Rose Garden in Bern is an ideal choice for those who want to take a break from the historical sights and museums of the Swiss capital. Admire a magnificent view of the quarters of the Old Town and enjoy the fresh air and dine in Rosengarten. This place is one of the most famous restaurants in Bern!

View over the greenery in Bern
View over the greenery in Bern – Courtesy of

Culture in Bern

Every July, the Gurten mountain houses a festival of modern music Gurtenfesival that brings a lot of international tourists and business visitors. Do not miss over 150 events held by performers of all genres. 

Another remarkable event in Bern is its annual jazz festival every spring. Visit Bern on business, take a break from work and embrace the festive atmosphere of the top event in Bern. The festival is one of the oldest in Europe, it lasts ten weeks and fills the streets with husky voices and saxophone music from mid-March to May. 

Remember to visit Zentrum Paul Klee which houses an ample 4000-piece collection of the most recognizable and well-known artworks by Klee. Admirers of art will enjoy the permanent exhibition, while the building itself is an outstanding sight for all visitors. The architectural masterpiece takes the form of an undulating hilly landscape. It is wide and open, light and airy, and a work of art in itself.

We hope you enjoyed reading our business travel guide to Bern. Make sure to set aside some time to explore this delightful quaint city and experience its unique charm. For a comfortable stay, browse our serviced apartments in Bern. They offer the utmost comfort and a ‘home away from home’ feel whilst you are away from yours.