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Situ’s selection of luxury, serviced Bucharest apartments have been chosen especially with corporate travellers in mind. Guests in our Bucharest serviced apartments can enjoy the luxury of a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while they are away from theirs. Our range of long term rentals in Bucharest located close to the city centre too, and you can even enter your address to check travel times from your work location to your property.
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Situ Luxury Serviced Bucharest Apartments


Often considered an underrated travel location, Bucharest is essentially a hidden gem that has attractive qualities that both tourists and corporates can appreciate.

About Bucharest

Why Choose Situ's Serviced Bucharest Apartments?

Ensuring you pick the right place to stay is such an important aspect of executing the perfect business travel plan. This is no different for corporates visiting Bucharest, who want more from their property then what a standard hotel room often provides. Corporates who stay in fully furnished Situ Bucharest apartments can expect to have access to a range of facilities and amenities which are catered to support those who want to live a self-catered lifestyle.

Each of our Bucharest serviced apartments includes a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette, free WiFi, spacious dining and living rooms, on-site washing facilities and comes with available parking. This alone allows guests to stay in their very own 'home away from home' whilst they are away from theirs, whether it's for the long or short term. Bookers can expect all of this and more when booking either short or long term rentals in Bucharest, as our Supply Chain have handpicked a great selection of luxury properties dotted across desirable locations which allow anyone to pick and choose where they stay whilst doing business in the Romanian capital.

Where is Bucharest?

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania based in the southern region of the country. Despite being the most populated city in Romania, inhabited by over 2 million people, which is at least six times more than that of the second most populated city, Iași, Bucharest is not the largest city in the country based on landmass. In fact, Brașov, Săcele, Galați and Baia Mare all cover more land than Bucharest and are therefore far less densely populated.

Nevertheless, Bucharest is still the capital of Romania and the home of the country's Palace of Parliament. The A3, E70, E81 and E85 are the main motorways that make Bucharest so easily reachable by car, taxi or bus, with the latter connecting to the Bulgarian border which is around 75 kilometres south of the city centre. Various airports make Bucharest easily accessible via flights too. Expats can fly into the city via any of the three airports, with the most popular being the Henri Coandă International Airport which is just a short car journey north of Bucharest's centre.

Expat Life in Bucharest

With an economy supported by industry and service sectors, Bucharest contributes significantly to the economic successes of Romania as a whole. After all, Bucharest accounts for around 25% of the country's overall industrial production and 20% of the country's entire GDP. Clearly, the influence the Bucharest economy has is important, and it's this influence that is encouraging for overseas expats. Business operating costs are low, and around 200,000 companies take advantage of this across the city. Major companies with headquarters based here include IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and HP. The city is also home to the head office of Air Bucharest, and the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the largest of its kind in the country.

Evidently, a strong business framework is already there to see. Being the capital of one of the EU's fastest-growing national economies, and a city with one of the highest growths in annual tourists and potential for development is really important to note, as it is these factors that sway corporates to stay in long term rentals in Bucharest. Low tax rates and fairly priced cost of labour means Bucharest receives a relatively high amount of FDI year in year out too, whilst the welcoming business culture would seemingly make expat life straightforward.

Visit Bucharest, Romania

Yes, moving to Bucharest may not seem like the most popular choice, but there's no reason why it should not be. Behind a lot of development projects, the city is blessed with hidden beauty, whether that be shown through its unique culture, distinctive attractions or lovely scenery. Despite this, how exactly did a Quality of Life Index rate the city of Bucharest? Well, expats thinking of visiting Bucharest will be encouraged that the city scored very well with regard to internet access and speed, safety, taxation and cost of living. The city's performance across these areas is encouraging, particularly considering the cost of living is amongst the best globally as a capital city.

Some expats who choose to work in Bucharest will appreciate knowing that the city has plenty of attractions to explore. Being the capital, Bucharest is home to many national sites including the Romanian Athenaeum, the National Museum of Romanian History, and the Palace of Parliament. These sites are visited by thousands of tourists and locals every year, as true representations of the city's past and present. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre are the King Mihai I Park and the Cismigiu Gardens. Both are lovely green spaces within minutes walking distance of each other and are great for those who enjoy going on a walk to let off some steam.

All of this is complemented by the huge array of shops, restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs that are dotted across the city, meaning there's always something to do or somewhere to socialise. All in all, due to the range of things to do, the city's low cost of living, how safe it is and the overall business and local culture, choosing to book a long term stay in Bucharest serviced apartments doesn't need to be complex.


Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP)

Three airports are operating in Bucharest, but by far the busiest is the Henri Coandă airport, supporting the travel of around 15 million travellers every year. This airport is a forty minute drive north of the city centre in the small town of Otopeni and along the National DN 1 Road.

There's a train that connects the airport with Bucharest North railway station (runs every 40 mins) and there are four different bus lines that run into the city centre too (780, 782, 784 & 783). Taxis operate non-stop outside the airport too. The alternative airport Aurel Vlaicu International is much closer to the heart of Bucharest and is dedicated mostly to business air traffic (12,000 passengers each year).

Bucharest Metro

Opened in 1979, the Bucharest Metro is the underground system that serves the Romanian capital. It is around 50 miles long, functioning across sixty-three stations and through four different metro lines. It is considered the go-to mode of transport for quick transport around the city.

Tickets cost no more than 5 lei and trains operate between 5 am and 11 pm.

Buses & Trams in Bucharest

There are hundreds of bus and tram services that operate across the city every day. Altogether, the routes they take cover over 850 miles. These are operated by the Societatea de Transport București, or the STB, so it is well worth visiting their website for more information on tickets, schedules and routes.

Regular buses and trams run from around 4:30 am to 11 pm, before the night services operate normally each hour.

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