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Our luxury apartments in Chicago offers an experience that is unmatched by any other accommodation option. Unlike a standard hotel, Situ's serviced apartments in Chicago come fully equipped with everything a guest needs, enabling them to easily fulfil a comfortable self-catered lifestyle as part of their corporate trip to Illinois’ largest city.
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About Chicago


Being the major international business hub it is, and visited by over fifty million people every year, the huge demand for luxury apartments in Chicago is certainly expected.

About Chicago

Why Choose Luxury Apartments in Chicago?

Of the millions of people who travel to Chicago every year, a huge number of them choose to avoid standard hotel rooms and B&Bs as they know it is only right to live as a comfortably and conveniently as possible when visiting such a major city.

At Situ we hand-pick the serviced apartments in Chicago that we offer, knowing that each option we send out to our clients is ideally located based on a certain business trip, whether it is adequately equipped to support corporate lifestyle, and ultimately makes any guest feel like they are staying in their own home in the States. Combined, good customer service and our luxury apartments in Chicago make both short and long term business travel straightforward, enabling corporates to live freely and how they wish in one of America’s largest business hotspots.

Where is Chicago?

Based in the state of Illinois and bordering Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the largest cities in America. In fact, the Chicago population equates to over 2.5 million people, making the city the third most populated city in the country. Nicknamed the ‘Windy City’, Chicago spans over 60 square kilometres of land, north of Indianapolis, south of Milwaukee and east of the states of Missouri and Iowa. With Chicago being one of the most visited cities in the US, it comes as no surprise that the city is easily accessible.

There are several interstate highways that pass through the city, including the I-55, the I-57, the I-90 and the I-94, whilst Chicago is also home to one of the busiest airports in the world, O’Hare International Airport. Incredibly, over eighty million people use the airport each year. Corporate travellers flood O’Hare, which is just fifteen miles from the city’s Loop business district and many luxury apartments rentals in Chicago.

Business in Chicago

Diversified, strong and resemblant of the nation’s performance best describe the economy of Chicago. The city has over four million employees who contribute to this economy, all working across a huge range of industries. In fact, there are so many industries that not one of them employs more than 12% of the city’s total workforce. It is this diverse workforce that helps generate almost $700 billion GRP each year. Incredibly, this is more than some countries, such as Argentina and Sweden.

Furthermore, the business climate, infrastructure, and range of Chicago corporate housing rentals are all factors that can encourage business to grow even more here. For example, the city welcomes on average 400 business start-ups every year, whilst also currently homing almost 2,000 foreign-based companies. The last decade has also seen Chicago rank amongst the top areas in the country for corporate relocation, company expansion and foreign direct investment.

Proof of economic potential comes from the fact that huge companies such as McDonald’s, Wilson and Motorola have all moved major HQs to Chicago in recent years. Small businesses can also benefit from Chicago’s climate though. The city performs very well in terms of cost of living, quality of life and cost of business operation; all promising signs for start-up businesses.

It is for all of these points that corporate events in Chicago are so common all year round. If you are travelling to the ‘Windy City’ for one of these events, be sure to book stays in either extended stay housing or Chicago short stay apartments, dependent on what you need.

Visiting Chicago

Being both one of the most moved to and visit American cities comes as no surprise when you realise how much there truly is to do in Chicago. Serviced apartments in Chicago are packed all year round, and this is due to the great range of attractions and sightseeing opportunities that complement the business lifestyle so well.

From beautiful glimpses of rurality to extraordinary examples of urbanity, it is hard to know where to start when describing Chicago. However, it could be said that the Illinois city is best known for its museums. Amongst the forty different museums across the city perhaps the two most recognised are the Modern Art Museum and The Art Institute of Chicago, both of which are huge and based within walking distance of an array of temporary housing or fully furnished apartments in Chicago.

This does not discredit the value of Chicago’s biggest landmarks on the local tourism, however. For instance, just on the edge of the beautiful Lake Michigan coastline is not only the immensely popular Navy Pier, but also the iconic Millennium Park, visited by around 25 million people every year. Part of the larger Grant Park, the millennium is home to the renowned ‘Cloud Gate’, a mirror-like, reflective, steel sculpture which seems to be the photographed landmark that represents the city.

The impression of luxury living that radiates from Chicago's most affluent neighbourhoods also attracts plenty of tourism and business. Some of the most popular include West Loop, River North, Lincoln Park; all of which are great to visit if you want to grasp a feel of Chicago's unique culture and atmosphere.

Other sites worth visiting include the Willis Tower and it’s extremely high-up observation area, the iconic John Hancock Centre building and the magnificent Tribune. The two latter high rise buildings are based along the stunning Michigan Avenue, dubbed one of the best boulevards in the US, whilst each of these buildings together contributes to the incredible skyscraper skyline. Ultimately, all of this and more can be at your fingertips if you book stays in luxury apartments in Chicago.


O'Hare International Airport (ORD)

Based in northwest Chicago, O’Hare International Airport is amongst the busiest worldwide offering flights to over 220 different destinations. As well as generally enabling access to one of America’s largest financial hubs, specifically, business travellers utilise the airport for travel to the well-renowned Loop business district.

There is also the Chicago Midway International Airport at the southside of the city. Guests staying in either long or short term rentals in Chicago can book taxis from their accommodation to and from these airports how they please.

The Chicago L

The city of Chicago is home to America’s second-largest public transportation system. This system is known as the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which is also responsible for the Chicago L, a metro system consisting of eight train lines. Each of these train lines are named after colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown) and support the train travel of over 725,000 people each week.

There are just under 150 stations along the ‘L’ network which visitors to the city can travel from, directly from their serviced apartments in Chicago. The large majority of stations are named after streets or neighbourhoods they belong to.

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