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Serviced apartments in Frankfurt exceed the expectations that come with booked stays at regular accommodation options, such as standard hotel rooms or B&Bs. Business apartments in Frankfurt are the perfect option for the corporate traveller, enabling anyone in the city for work to live a self-catered lifestyle from their very own ‘home away from home’, either right in the city centre or the outskirts.
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Situ Serviced Apartments in Frankfurt


What Frankfurt perhaps lacks in global recognition compared to the biggest major cities, the city easily makes up for in performance as one of the world’s greatest financial hubs. Having a range of serviced apartments in Frankfurt is only necessary to support the expat corporate population that visit the city.

About Frankfurt

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Frankfurt?

Unlike stays that can typically happen at average hotels in Frankfurt, stays in serviced apartments in Frankfurt have a good reputation for being secure, comfortable and convenient. Corporates visiting the city for work want their business apartments in Frankfurt to act as the final piece of the puzzle that is successful business travel. Situ’s range of accommodation in this financial hub provides exactly that.

In our city apartments in Frankfurt guests can expect to have a fully-equipped kitchen, an included housekeeping service, laundry facilities and spacious working, dining and living room areas all at their disposal. Travellers can also afford to be picky with what they choose to book. For instance, whilst hotels are limited to what they offer, potential guests in serviced accommodation can choose what additional facilities they want included in their stays such as on-site gyms or restaurants, a swimming pool, free parking spaces, a garden, or even a balcony.

Our range of fully furnished serviced apartments in Frankfurt allows our team to be flexible too, enabling us to cater for those who need disability access or pet-friendliness.

Where is Frankfurt?

Based in central Germany, the city of Frankfurt is one of the more major financial hubs across Germany and Europe. It is Germany’s fifth-largest city and can be found in the State of Hesse which spans over 13,000 square miles. Although Wiesbaden is Hesse’s capital, Frankfurt is the state’s largest city stretching over 100 square miles which are inhabited by over 750,000 people. This population may seem small for a major city, but just over 6 million people make the trip to Frankfurt every year.

Smaller cities such as Aschaffenburg, Mainz and Darmstadt all surround Frankfurt whilst the nearest major German cities include Cologne, Dortmund, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, all of which are a 2 and half hour car journey away. The Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgian borders are also around 3 hours away from Frankfurt by car.

Frankfurt am Main is the city’s official name and this is because of the River Main. The river runs right through the centre of Frankfurt from east to west before reaching the Rhine River that intersects the city of Mainz. The River Main also runs just over the road from the Frankfurt Airport. With the city being the financial centre it is, the airport deals with the flights of around 65 million passengers each year. This includes a huge number of corporates who book stays in Frankfurt aparthotels.

Travel and Business in Frankfurt

It might surprise you to know that Frankfurt is arguably Europe’s largest financial centre. Not only is it home to European Central Bank and Deutsche Bundesbank, but also the Frankfurt Stock Exchange which is one of the largest in the world. Moreover, the Stock Exchange contributes to over 90% of German market turnover. It’s no wonder that the city has such a significant banker population, with 55,000 people being employed in financial services.

Ultimately, the stats don’t lie when it comes to judging Frankfurt as a place for business. The city’s economy is supported by the 40,000 companies based there and the overall industrial diversity across the businesses in Frankfurt. Companies want to locate themselves here knowing that Frankfurt continues to rank in the top ten cities for Global Power, Global City Competitiveness and as a Global Financial Centre.

The city is really well-connected too, in terms of the internet and transportation. For instance, Frankfurt has the world’s largest hub of data, with 35% of Europe’s internet traffic running through the city. There is also Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Central train station which are both the biggest of their kind in Germany, collectively facilitating the travel of just under 200,000 people every day. It is impossible to not also mention Bankerviertel.

It is the central business district in the city (despite having no real borders) and is labelled as one of the largest financial centres in Germany and Europe. It is this home of major companies that have led corporates from all over the world, who stay in various long term furnished rentals and Frankfurt accommodation, to nickname the city, ‘Bankfurt’ or ‘Mainhatton’.

Moving to Frankfurt

Much of the attention that the Frankfurt gets is regarding the city’s financial and economic power. However, there is more to the city than the view of Frankfurt from its tall buildings, such as the range of amazing attractions that can be seen here. A great place to start is the beautiful Frankfurt Old Town. Known officially as ‘Altstadt’, this district is really popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Here, visitors can go for a drink or grab a bite to eat in a central location, whilst surrounded by the city’s architectural beauty and buzzing atmosphere.

For nature-lovers, however, it is well worth visiting the Palm Gardens. The ‘Palmengarten’ is one of the three botanical gardens in the city but is most well-known as amongst the best gardens in the country. It’s based just outside the Goethe University Frankfurt, covering over 20 hectares and offering the best case of nature that Frankfurt has to offer. For families, there’s the Frankfurt Zoo. Home to thousands of animals the zoo is appreciated as the second oldest zoo in Germany.

Frankfurt really does have something for everything, as there are some great historical sites here too. Of course, the best way to learn about Frankfurt’s history and route to where it is today, is to visit one of the many local museums. There are so many Frankfurt museums to choose from, such as the Stadel Museum, the Deutsches Filmmuseum, the contemporary art Museum fur moderne Kunst or the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt.

Perhaps the most iconic site in the city, however, is the Frankfurt Cathedral. It’s the largest religious building in the city and truly epitomises Frankfurt’s roots and sense of community.

All in all, the centrepiece of the city may always be the fabulous Main Tower and the skyscraper Frankfurt skyline. Yet, beneath the surface and surrounding furnished apartments in Frankfurt is plenty of character and attractions for all visiting corporates and tourists to enjoy.


Frankfurt Airport

Based alongside the ‘Bundesautobahn 3’, Frankfurt Airport is the country’s largest international airport in Germany. Managed by Fraport, the airport is one of the busiest in Europe and enables travel to over 300 destinations worldwide.

With millions of people arriving and departing from the airport all year round, it is vital that the transport infrastructure is as well-rounded as possible. Corporates arriving here can reach the city centre and serviced apartments in Frankfurt via a quick train, bus or taxi journey from the airport, all for a reasonable price.

Frankfurt Central Station

Located on the western side of the Frankfurt city centre, Central Station is the main railway facility in the city. It is also the largest train station in Europe and is essentially deemed as an attraction in the city. It has 25 platforms and supports the train travel of around 350,000 travellers every day.

However, there are numerous train stations across Frankfurt that operate within the Rhine-Maine S-Bahn system. The system is made up of 9 lines, all of which run to Frankfurt along the way and other cities such as Hanau, Darmstadt and Mainz.

Frankfurt U-Bahn

The underground network in Frankfurt is such a vital part of the transport network in the city and outer region. Across 9 lines of metro, there are over 80 stations in operation. The average price of an underground adult ticket, going one way, costs no more than 3 Euros.

The RMW website is well worth visiting so that you can plan your journey to align with which Frankfurt aparthotel you have decided to stay in.

Buses and Trams in Frankfurt

The Rhine-Main Transport Association is responsible for managing one of the largest public transport networks in Germany which enable bus services to run for 24 hours a day and ten tram lines which have trams arriving at stops every 10 minutes.

Buses are more commonly used as connectors to train and metro stations whilst trams are seen as a more attractive mode of transport alternative for those exploring the city. Buses, trams and trains all use the same fare system though, meaning a single ticket could be valid for all three modes of transport.

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