In light of recent events, we have taken steps to protect our employees, clients, suppliers and guests by minimising the risk of spreading infectious diseases.



  • Restricted business travel both into the office and out of the office to client sites/conferences.
  • Office cleaning has been doubled to ensure regular deep cleaning to include high-touch areas are sterilized on a daily basis.
  • All staff issued with care packs, including tissues, alcohol rub & alcohol wipes for high-use surfaces, such as keyboards, mice and phones.
  • Digital wall boards updates with signage to remind staff to wash hands.
  • Any staff travelling outside of work via plane and/or to another country must work from home for at least 5 days on their return.
  • Should employees become unwell, or believe that they have been exposed to an infectious disease (even if they are symptom free), then they will have to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • All staff issued with work laptops, configured to work on the SITU web app and to SITU’s information security protocols, from their homes.
  • ‘Always on’ conferencing technology utilised to support our teams continued collaborative working – even when working at home.
  • Internal COVID team has already been appointed and meets regularly.
  • Suppliers are required to inform us of their strategic measures for minimising the risk of spreading infectious diseases.



  • Internal COVID team reviews news and government advice daily and makes changes to internal policy accordingly.
  • Should our off-site plan have to be enacted (due to a severe break-out in the local area, or a case in our own office), all third parties will be informed immediately, however service will continue as usual in line with SITU’s Business Continuity Plan.
  • Any changes in availability of our supply-chain will be communicated with clients.
  • Suppliers are requested to update their status regularly to SITU.



Should you wish to discuss this statement further, please contact Jody Kennard by email on [email protected] or by phone on +44(0)1392 690079