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Our range of serviced apartments in Leipzig have been chosen especially with the business traveller in mind. Enjoy the luxury of a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while you're away from yours. Our Leipzig apartments are located close to the city centre, and you can even enter your address to check travel times from your work location to your apartment.
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About Leipzig


At the heart of Saxony culture and acting as a modern-day hotspot for overseas expats, Leipzig stands out as a go-to place to visit in Germany.

About Leipzig

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Leipzig?

The key to enjoying any trip to any location for any purpose is ensuring the accommodation is up to scratch. For business travellers visiting Leipzig, ordinary hotel rooms or B&Bs won’t do. That’s why at Situ we offer our clients a wide range of serviced apartments in Leipzig, which are designed, centrally located and equipped to ensure guests stay seamlessly in their very own home away from home

Each of the corporate Leipzig apartments listed above includes a fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms and living rooms, on-site washing facilities, free Wi-Fi and come with a minimum weekly housekeeping service. These are just the guarantees guests can expect too. Expats in Leipzig can request that their business hotel in Leipzig has a garden, comes with parking spaces, or en-suite bathrooms, or even has an on-site gym.

Ultimately, choosing from a range of serviced apartments in Leipzig means giving yourself the best chance to find the right accommodation for you in the city.

Where is Leipzig?

Home to over 600,000 people, Leipzig is the most populous city in the state of Saxony. Saxony covers a large area of eastern Germany, and Leipzig sits at the north-western section of the state’s area. After Berlin, Leipzig is actually the most populous city in what was formerly Eastern Germany. The city has the eighth largest population in the country. Since Leipzig was believed to have been founded in the early eleventh century, the city now covers over 110 square miles of land.

Germany’s capital Berlin is around 120 miles north of Leipzig, whilst two other nearby major cities, Dresden and Hanover, are 70 miles to the east and around 160 miles to the west respectively. With major cities being nearby, the fact that Leipzig is easily accessible by road is ideal. The Bundesautobahn 14 and 38, as well as the A2, A6, A87 and A186 roads connect the city from all directions.

For Leipzig expats, the most likely reason they reached the city is via the Leipzig / Halle Airport. It serves both the city and the state of Saxony as a whole, despite being outside the top ten busiest airports in Germany. Ultimately, it is your choice where you stay, and the range of serviced apartments in Leipzig above enable bookers the option of picking and choosing exactly where they wish to base themselves.

Leipzig Business

The growth of the Leipzig trade and business in the last decade has been immensely encouraging for potential investors. The city has been most known for its success across five industry sectors; Energy & Environment, Media, Healthcare & Biotechnological, Automotive and Logistics.

Being so close to the financial and economic hub that is Berlin is, of course, ideal too. However, the city does not necessarily strive to replicate the capital, as Leipzig itself has in recent times had an economic growth rate almost double the rate of the entire German economy. Major companies, such as Porsche and BMW  quickly caught on to how fulfilling the economic climate was in Leipzig as a result. Over 200 start-ups function out of Leipzig too, and this number is only rising.

There are many reasons why many international businesses relocate here and local startups are emerging. Leipzig has a superb transport infrastructure, catered to support seamless inner-city travel. The cost of living and labour is affordable, especially compared to the rates in other major European cities, and the quality of life in Leipzig is hailed as being amongst the best globally. All of this contributes to Leipzig’s position as one of the top FDI locations worldwide.

For a further, more detailed insight, into the state of business and the local economy in Leipzig, be sure to visit either the City of Leipzig website or Invest Region Leipzig website. To find out more about which business hotels in Leipzig are available before making the trip, get in touch with a member of the Situ team.

Moving to Leipzig

Moving anywhere new can be daunting for anyone, but expats planning to have a life of living and working in Leipzig will be instantly surprised by how easy it is to merge into the community. After all, the city has had a long past of being tied in foreign relations, since the Holy Roman Empire era, and now is home to the country’s second-oldest university, suggesting Leipzig has a diverse, multi-cultural community. Being right at the heart of Europe contributes to the city’s all-inclusive culture too.

But outside of working hours, what is there to do and see in Leipzig? Well, perhaps the most renowned attraction in the city is the ‘Volkerschlachtdenkmal’, aka the ‘Battle of Nations’ monument. The structure is huge and commemorates the defeat of Napoleon following a battle between 20 different countries and over 800,000 soldiers. The monument is an hour-long walk outside the Leipzig city centre but is well worth a visit. Some other really impressive buildings which can only be found in the city include the St Thomas Church, the St Nicholas Church and the castle-like New Town Hall.

For those corporates looking for more lively activities, there’s the Leipzig Zoo; dubbed the most modern zoo in the world. We also highly recommend checking out the Panometer. Inside the incredible building is the world’s largest cloth murals. It may not seem like much, but go inside and you’ll see stunning murals digitally projected onto pieced together strips of cloth which collectively look fantastic.

All in all, there’s plenty to do in Leipzig. The best way to enjoy seeing it all, whilst managing a hectic business schedule, is to take advantage of what a serviced apartment in Leipzig offers.


Leipzig / Halle Airport (LEJ)

Leipzig’s closest airport handles the air travel of over two and a half million people every year, on average. It is certainly not the country’s busiest in terms of passengers, but instead represents one of the busiest in Europe regarding cargo traffic.

Corporate travellers looking to book serviced apartments in Leipzig city centre will appreciate having the airport just a 20-minute drive away. The airport is based right on the junction which connects the 9 and 14 Bundesautobahns.

Leipzig Railway Network

The history of Leipzig’s train network is certainly complex, but now the ‘S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland’ is the system that supports both the city and the wider region. The S-Bahn network works to connect both Leipzig and Halle, and the introduction of the much-anticipated Leipzig City Tunnel means the city’s stations seamlessly connect with both the states of Thuringia and Brandenburg (where Berlin is based).

Leipzig is home to Europe’s largest train station, the ‘Hauptbahnhop’. It enables the travel of around 120,000 people every day and acts as the city’s central railway terminus.

Trams and Buses in Leipzig

The ‘Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe’, or also more simply known as the ‘Leipzig Transport Authority’ is responsible for the operation of trams and buses in the city. It is worth visiting their website for more info on schedules and tickets because trams, especially, are the most popular way to navigate the city.

Overall, the tram network covers over 130 miles through 13 different tram lines. These operate all over Leipzig, whereas the inner city areas are serviced more by buses, of which over sixty lines are operating every day.

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