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Our range of serviced apartments in Marseille have been handpicked for corporate travellers. Enjoy the luxury of a full-functioning kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while you're away from yours. Our accommodation options are located close to the city centre, and you can even enter your address to check travel times from your work location to your apartment.
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Serviced Accommodation, Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments in Marseille


Despite being considered France’s oldest city, present-day Marseille is a modern hub of business lifestyle, much to the appreciation of corporate travellers visiting from all over the world.

About Marseille

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Marseille?

The key to making any successful business trip to Marseille is booking the right accommodation. Often average hotel rooms and B&Bs leave guests underwhelmed and wishing they had booked somewhere else to stay.

An appropriate alternative is serviced apartments in Marseille. Unlike a standard hotel, these high-quality corporate apartments are fully-equipped, designed and located with corporate travellers in mind. Guests staying in any of the Marseille apartments listed above can expect to have access to an all encompassing kitchen, on-site washing facilities, spacious living rooms, areas to work and free Wi-Fi. Each property is hand-picked too, judged based on their location and potential to house any corporate traveller with a busy schedule.

Ultimately, the most unique selling point linked to serviced accommodation in Marseille is their ability to make guests feel like they are staying in a different home, even when they are far from walking distance of their own.

Where is Marseille?

Marseille is a port city based in southern France which looks out onto the Gulf of Lion, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded in around 600BC, making it one of Europe’s oldest cities. It is also France’s second-largest city, by area and population, behind only the city of Arles and the capital Paris, respectively. The city spans nearly 100 square miles and has an approximate population of around 900,000 people.

Paris is a whopping 5000 miles north of Marseille, whilst on the other hand, the nearest major cities are Montpellier and Nice. Montpellier is a two-hour drive east of Marseille, whilst Nice is a similar distance to the west. By road, the main routes to get in and out of the city are the A7, A50 and A55 motorways.

By air, however, the best way to arrive and depart from the city is via the Marseille Provence International Airport. It's only around 15 miles northwest of the city centre and supports the travel of around 10 million travellers every day. Visitors to the city can book stays in serviced apartments in Marseille near the airport to avoid having to travel far when arriving in or leaving the city.

Expats Living in Marseille

Expats making the trip to Marseille can expect to stumble upon a ‘hidden gem’ of business. The city profits from a powerful national economy, whilst also benefitting from the lower business costs that are typical of less major European cities. Moreover, the Aix-Marseille Province is renowned for its economic prowess too, with various funds injected into the region which has meant the economy has outpaced much of France as a whole.

Marseille’s businesses are also focused around its valuable seaport and maritime sector. Being the country’s most cosmopolitan city also sees potential incomes coming from many different cultures and ways of life, thus diversifying the range of companies based across the city.

It is worth considering too that Marseille is;

·        The largest Mediterranean export area in the world.

·        The 2nd largest region in France for fibre-optic coverage.

·        The 2nd most popular location in France for international conferences.

·        The 2nd largest research centre in France, only after Paris.

To learn more about how business has progressed in the city in recent times, take a look at this article from the Business Traveller website. For more information about Marseille apartments catered for business travel, be sure to get in touch with a member of the Situ team.

Moving to Marseille

Whether you just temporarily stay in Marseille or decide to move your family and your business to the city, you can rest assured that the people and overall atmosphere are both very accommodating to new arrivals.

The city is also blessed with fairly affordable home prices. Expats moving to Marseille can expect, on average, to spend 40% less on a place to live than in other major cities; 70% less than properties in Paris. Cost of living in Marseille is affordable too, with costs to fund everyday shopping, eating out, transport and entertainment not standing out as being outlandish.

The city has many lovely sights to see as well. Perhaps the city’s most admired landmark is the Notre Dame de la Garde. It can be found overlooking the sea atop a hill next to the Stade Di Giovanni. You can reach this beautiful structure either by foot or bus, before appreciating its stunning mosaic interior and incredible city views.

We also recommend taking a walk along the Vieux Port, a tourist hotspot in the city. It is believed that early settlements grew outwards from the port to become what it is today, a lively, stylish hub of cafes, restaurants and markets. Often a lot of city tours start from here, making the port a central location for socialising and networking meetups.

Whatever your reasoning is for visiting the city, for the long or short term, just know there is a great range of rentals in Marseille that can cater to your needs.


Aéroport de Marseille Provence (MRS)

The Marseille Provence Airport may only be the sixth busiest in France, but its value to the 10 million people who utilise it every year is high. Its proximity to the Marseille city centre is appreciated by visitors and the locals alike too.

Potential modes of transport which can be used to travel to and from the airport and the city include trains, buses and car rentals. Alternatively, the next nearest international airport to Marseille is Toulon Hyères Airport.

Marseille Metro

The Marseille Metro system is the underground network in the city, consisting of two lines which pass through over 30 different stations. It has been in operation, by the company RTM, since 1977.

Line 1 (Blue) runs from La Rose to La Fourragere, whilst Line 2 runs from north to south from Bougainville to Ste Marguerite Dromel.

Buses & Trams in Marseille

Across Marseille there are eighty bus lines and three tram lines in operation, running from around 5 am through until midnight. To find out more about timetables, ticket prices and routes for either buses or trams, visit the RTM website at

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