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Situ’s selection of serviced apartments in Saint-Denis has been selected especially for those travelling for business. Experience a relaxing home-from-home in our Saint-Denis accommodation where guests can enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a private and flexible space. Our serviced apartments in Saint-Denis are conveniently located and have everything that the corporate traveller needs for a successful trip.
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About Saint-Denis


Visit Saint-Denis, a cheerful and vibrant suburb within easy commuting distance of Paris.

About Saint-Denis

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Saint-Denis?

Staying in a serviced apartment in Saint-Denis is a great way to get the most out of your business trip to Paris. Choose our business-class serviced apartments in this convenient suburb and enjoy the terrific opportunities it opens for you.

Commuting to central Paris is quick and efficient, yet all the facilities of the centre of Saint-Denis are at your service if you need them. All our properties are equipped for remote working and include a high-speed internet connection and a comfortable working area with plenty of space for your laptop.

In addition, you could look into aparthotels in Saint-Denis where space and comfort combine with business services and a 24-hr reception. Wherever you choose to stay, all your needs are covered, allowing you to concentrate on the business at hand. Browse our serviced apartments in Saint-Denis and speak to our friendly team for more details about your booking. 


Where is Saint-Denis?

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this Paris suburb, known for its valuable historical heritage and industrial development. Saint-Denis lies 10 kilometres to the north of the centre of Paris and borders the 18th arrondissement in the south. The town is very easy to get to from central Paris and other suburbs.

Use the toll-free Paris ring road to drive into the town from the south. Otherwise follow motorway A86 that crosses the town from east to west, or join the A1 to travel from the south to the town centre. For major destinations such as Rouen, Chartres, or Reims, use the ring road first and then follow A13, A11, and A4. 


Business Opportunities in Saint-Denis

Starting and running a business in Saint-Denis has certain advantages. There are ambitious plans for major gentrification of the town, which is bound to attract considerable investment and a qualified workforce. Local administration offers schemes to encourage new and relocated businesses and upscale the existing ones to boost the livelihood of the suburb. Enterprises in Saint-Denis benefit massively from their proximity to Paris. 

Use the main advantage of investing in Saint-Denis – its convenient location to Paris and its excellent transport links to other suburbs o.f Paris. Development and investment in Saint-Denis are both expected to rise, making the town very attractive for investment in a residential or commercial property.

Saint-Denis is a reasonable choice for new businesses due to its affordable commercial property: there are a lot of offices and warehouses on offer, mainly conversions based on industrial properties. Co-working and shared offices are coming into the suburb, offering flexible prices and quality services. Buying prices in Saint-Denis are very similar to those in Paris due to the suburb's immediate proximity to the city.  


Living in Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis may have a controversial reputation that stems from the industrial past of the town. Still, thousands of tourists are delighted to visit its prestigious attractions. Visit the ancient basilica, and the crowning place and shrine of the French kings. Another attraction is the modern Stad-de-France, home to the 1998 World Cup final. 

The History and Art Museum of Saint-Denis is only five minutes away from the basilica, in a former Carmelite monastery. The exhibition is very well-organized and informative. It combines unique archaeological findings and industrial panoramas of Saint-Denis.

Saint-Denis is a popular theatre destination for Parisians and tourists thanks to the Gerard Philipe Theatre. This is home to one of the leading theatre groups in France whose repertoire draws thousands of theatre lovers throughout the season.

Saint-Denis is also a renowned university town that stands for liberalism and non-conformism. The students and professors of Paris 8 University are famous for their revolutionary spirit, advanced ideas, and active support of human rights.

Living in Saint-Denis is not very different from living in Paris in terms of rents and transport fares. Shopping can be much cheaper thanks to the market on Jean Jaures Square, where Parisians go for fresh food, clothes, and souvenirs. 

Saint-Denis is different from most other French towns in terms of cuisine thanks to the very noticeable presence of north-African, Turkish, and Eastern European communities. Their contribution to the local food scene allows you to take a food trip around the world without leaving the town. 

Stay in a Situ serviced apartment in Saint-Denis and make the most of your business trip to this interesting suburb of Paris.



By Air

The nearest airport to Saint-Denis is Charles de Gaulle international airport, located 25 kilometres northeast of Paris. Its three modern terminals serve over 65 million passengers every year. It is the headquarters of Air France and an important hub for such popular low-cost airlines as EasyJet and Vueling.

If you are travelling to Saint-Denis from Charles de Gaulle airport by public transport, you can use a regional train RER B line and get off at Stade de France station. There are direct trains every 15 minutes and the ride takes 45 minutes. Otherwise, a taxi ride will take around 20 minutes.

You can get to Saint-Denis from Orly International airport as well. This airport lies around 30 kilometres south of Saint-Denis, so if you are travelling by public transport, use the Orly shuttle bus to get to the nearest underground station. Here, take the train line RER B to get to central Paris, then change for the RER D line to go north to Saint-Denis. Alternatively, a taxi ride will take about 35 minutes.

By Rail

Rail transport in Paris includes regional trains, the underground, and trams. Saint-Denis is part of the Parisian railroad system. Regional trains RER to Saint-Denis are lines B and D. They are fairly quick to take you to and from Gare du Nord in central Paris as they have few stops on the way. In Saint-Denis, they stop at the central train station and Stad de France.

Tickets are available from Ille-de-France Billeterie vending machines, and the price varies by zone. Passengers can choose from single-use tickets, day passes, and week passes. The same tickets are valid for RER trains, the underground, and trams. Single-use tickets and packs of ten tickets are available. A day pass called Mobilis is valid for the date of purchase only and allows unlimited travel.

By Underground

Saint-Denis is very close to the city centre. Line 13 of the underground takes you straight to the centre of Saint-Denis Basilique and the University. However, line 13 forks out at La Fourche, so make sure you are boarding the train to Saint-Denis.

The trip by underground make take up to 45 minutes, and line 13 is known for its crowded trains and high passenger flow. The train is a better option if you are going directly to the city centre.

By Tram and Bus

Three tram lines cross Saint-Denis from north to south and east to west, and this is probably the best way to get around Saint-Denis. Line T1 runs past all the main tourist attractions. Line T5 starts at the central market of Saint-Denis and runs south

Line T8 runs across town and ends at Porte de Paris station. In future, it is supposed to be extended to Paris itself. Buses, however, are not part of the same transport system as rail transport.

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