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Situ’s range of business apartments in Stockholm have been chosen specially to suit travellers visiting the city for work. Expats in Stockholm can enjoy the luxury of a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while they are away from theirs. Our range of corporate apartments in Stockholm are located close to the city centre too, and you can even enter your address to check travel times from your work location to your property.

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Luxury Serviced Apartments in Stockholm


Reap the benefits of a healthy and competitive environment in Stockholm, at the forefront of the newest technology.

About Stockholm

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Stockholm?

Business travel takes a lot of careful planning. If you want a safe and comfortable stay may be the key to the success of the whole trip. Stay in our premium-class serviced business apartments in Stockholm and enjoy a different approach to short-term stays.

Situ's Supply Chain has handpicked our beautiful apartments that were designed with corporate customers in mind and are specifically furnished for remote working. All your work-related needs will be covered, the comfortable working area has plenty of room for all gadgets and a fast internet connection is a must. 

Guests can benefit from a fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary utensils and quality laundry services for utmost comfort In our corporate apartments in Stockholm. Turn to our helpful staff with your individual requests and book your perfect corporate housing in Stockholm.

Where is Stockholm?

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and the centre of its most densely populated area. It is one of the northernmost capital cities of Europe alongside Oslo and Helsinki. The city has over a million citizens, and the metropolitan area houses up to two million residents.

Move between islands within the city across its fifty bridges or use its ring road A75 to travel between suburbs. Driving to Oslo is about 500 kilometres to the west via E20. Driving 650 kilometres to Copenhagen will take over 7 hours by E4 to the southwest. Turku in Finland is 300 kilometres away by ferry across the Baltic Sea.

Business opportunities for expats in Stockholm

Stockholm city has an impressive record of achievements in innovation. Brands of international significance such as Skype, Electrolux, Ikea and Spotify started here and expanded worldwide. Sweden is a great place for a new start-up. Innovation in sustainable energy production and tackling environmental issues is taken to a new level in Stockholm. The clean-tech industry in Stockholm has an ambitious plan.

They want to make the city complete CO2 free by 2040, while increasing the city’s GDP. The introduction of robotics and smart city technology opens new perspectives for the automation industry as well. The 500 automation companies in Stockholm generate over 10% of the global turnover in the industry. 

Living in Stockholm

Move to Stockholm long term? It is known to be among the happiest places to live and work. All thanks to the extraordinary life quality and social standards, strong economy, and efficient democracy. Education and healthcare are exemplary for the rest of Europe. The climate and geography of the region foster general health and an active lifestyle.

Another attractive aspect of life in Stockholm is that they are very friendly to newcomers. Living in this beautiful city does not require knowledge of Swedish. Most Swedes are fluent in English, and the local expat community is welcoming and flexible.

Stockholm residents are happy to pay very high taxes year after year partly because they know what they get in exchange. Schools, international schools, and higher education at top-20 level universities are free. Kindergartens are also excellent and reasonably priced and national health service is efficient.

The monetary unit used in Sweden is the krona SEK. Although Sweden is a member of the EU and the Schengen area. Unsurprisingly, Sweden has become the most cashless society in Europe! There is no need to exchange any cash on arrival, prepare to use your cards for most transactions. Swedish is the national language here, but very good English is spoken everywhere.


Stokholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest international airport and the most convenient for getting to Stockholm. It is located 40 kilometres away from the city, next to the neighbouring Uppsala. For domestic flights to Malmo or Gothenburg, passengers use Bromma airport located only 2 kilometres away from the city.

Passengers can use an express train to Stockholm Central Station. The train departs every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the night hours. Otherwise, choose regular commuter trains that depart every 30 minutes.

There is also an affordable coach transfer service to the city centre with departures every ten minutes. Tickets can be bought on board and online.

Taxis are also available but there is no fixed maximum price per kilometre in Sweden. Some taxi companies apply a fixed price for an airport trip.


The main train routes run across the most spectacular scenery in the southern part of the country. There are daily high-speed trains between Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg and to and from Stockholm to Arlanda airport.

High-speed trains provide impeccable service at the speed of 200 kilometres an hour. They offer their first-class passengers a full sit-down meal. Second-class passengers can go to the bistro bar, radio and music outlets and chargers for all gadgets.


Stockholm has excellent sea transport and regular ferry connections with Estonian Tallinn, Finnish Helsinki and Turku and Latvian capital Riga.

The two main ferry lines are Viking Line and Tallink Silja. Together they offer up to 14 ferries every day, depending on weather conditions. Tickets are best purchased online from the official websites of the providers or ticket offices.

Buses and Trams

The recommended way to pay for your travel is to buy an SL Access card. You can buy it at a customer centre at metro and commuter stations.

Just pay the deposit of 20 SEK for the card and top it up for the amount you need to travel. A single-use ticket is valid for 75 minutes with unlimited change and costs 60 SEK. A day ticket costs 80 SEK, a weekly pass up to 210 SEK.

Special attention is paid to the eco-friendly public transport in Stockholm. Most buses operate on biofuels.

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