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Situ’s selection of serviced apartments in Strasbourg has been chosen especially for those travelling for business. Experience a relaxing home-from-home in our Strasbourg accommodation where guests can enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a private and flexible space. Our serviced apartments in Strasbourg are conveniently located and have everything that the corporate traveller needs for a successful trip.
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About Strasbourg


Explore new opportunities in a thriving cross-border city between France, Germany, and Switzerland.

About Strasbourg

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Strasbourg?

Convenient location and suitable facilities are essential for a successful business visit. Stay in one of our serviced apartments in Strasbourg and make the most of the excellent location, convenient public transport, and the modern amenities.

Serviced apartments are ideal for business visitors and relocated professionals. They provide a combination of useful facilities, bringing together office-like convenience and a home-from-home atmosphere. All our properties are spacious and elegant.

A dedicated working area is a must. Those in our apartments offer plenty of room for all your gadgets, a desk, and a fast internet connection. Guests also enjoy a modern kitchen and access to quality laundry services. An aparthotel in Strasbourg provides additional facilities such as business meeting rooms and on-site parking.

Contact our team with any personalised requests, and we will be glad to help you choose from a selection of serviced apartments in Strasbourg.


Where is Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is the largest city of the industrial east of France in the province of Alsace. The city lies on the west bank of the Rhein, on the border between France and Germany. Its closest neighbours are French Colmar and German Baden-Baden and Offenburg.

The A4 motorway connects Strasbourg with Reims in the northwest. The A35 runs south to Basel in Switzerland and north to Karlsruhe and Frankfurt-am-Mein in Germany. Both are within two hours’ driving distance. Luxemburg and Belgium are a short drive away as well.



Business Opportunities in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital and administrative centre of the Great East region of France.  Several prominent European institutions are located here. These include the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights, which generate a constant influx of visitors and relocated specialists.

Added to the city’s population of half a million people and this results in a dynamic market and a wealth of opportunities. Most investments in Strasbourg are risk-averse due to the reputation of the city and its business-friendly administration.

Strasbourg lies in the middle of the so-called London–Milan axis where most European industry is concentrated. Its location makes the city ideal for investment in industry, research and development, and education.

The city provides easy access to the French and German markets, customers, and partners. The infrastructure of major cities around Strasbourg, Brussels, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Paris, allows fast and efficient turnover of goods and capital.

Thanks to its location and history, Strasbourg and Alsace are traditionally open to international businesses and investment. The region is the number one exporter of goods and services in France and attracts the most foreign investment. Its multicultural heritage and impressive success stories contribute to the reputation of the city.

The largest and most modern international business district of Strasbourg is Archipel. It boasts of the most prestigious location and convenient transport connections.

In Strasbourg, there is local entrepreneurship, foreign investment, and high academic standards. This has fostered the development of new enterprises in electronics, ICT, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and biotech innovation. Add to it the vast labour pool of highly skilled and motivated employees, and you have a recipe for success.

Staying in a Situ serviced apartment in Strasbourg will help you make the most of your time in this city.


Living in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is proud of its mixed heritage, which combines French and German influences. These are shown in the city’s architecture and its multilingual citizens. The city has strong international connections and is home to a large multicultural community.

The city hosts several prominent cultural events such as Strasbourg International Music Festival and the Strasbourg International Film Festival. These events celebrate both well-established and emerging talents in music, science fiction, and arthouse films.

Strasbourg is a popular tourist destination, second only to Paris. Its impressive gothic cathedral, winding medieval streets with timbered houses, old-fashioned taverns, and Christmas markets fill the city streets with crowds all year round.

The main language of the city is French, but historically German has been spoken and taught in schools alongside French. You will see most signs in both French and German Alsatian. The euro is used for all payments.

Strasbourg is not a typically French city in terms of culture or food, but gastronomy plays a major role in its heritage. Alsatian food has been heavily influenced by neighbouring Germany and it occupies an important place in French cuisine. The city is home to three Michelin-star restaurants.



By Air

The nearest airport for Strasbourg is in Entzheim, ten kilometres southwest of Strasbourg. This is a minor international airport serving just over a million passengers per year. It takes less than ten minutes to get here by shuttle train. There are up to five trains per hour.

Buy your tickets from the airport or at the train station, train and tram/bus options are available. Other convenient airports are Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, 45 minutes away by car, and Basel, two hours away by regional train.

By Rail

Two high-speed train lines cross here in Strasbourg, the Rhine-Rhone line and the East line. Paris is only one hour and forty-five minutes away from Strasbourg. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is just under two hours away. The train line from Basel to Frankfurt is 30 minutes away in Offenburg. From here passengers can get to Frankfurt, Cologne, and Basel.

By Bus and Tram

The best way to get around Strasbourg is via its network of eight tram and twenty-nine bus lines. These run between the main centres of interest, the Convention Centre, the various conference and meeting centres, and the TGV station.

There is a tram every six minutes, running between 04:30 am and midnight. Single tickets or group tickets for two, three and up to ten passengers are available. A 24-hour ticket offers unlimited travel. The city centre has been pedestrianized and includes over 500 kilometres of cycling paths to encourage eco-friendly travel.

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