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Situ’s selection of serviced apartments in Antibes has been chosen specially for those travelling for business. Experience a relaxing home-from-home in our Antibes accommodation where guests can enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a private and flexible space. Our serviced apartments in Antibes are conveniently located and have everything that the corporate traveller needs for a successful trip.
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About Antibes


Immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of Antibes, a charming historical city that has been a source of inspiration for many artists and writers.

About Antibes

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Antibes?

Stay in one of our serviced apartments in Antibes and discover a relaxing home-from-home for business visitors and expats. 

Situ’s properties in Antibes have been specially designed for corporate visitors and relocated professionals. All our apartments allow plenty of room for remote working, with spacious living and dining areas that rival those offered by luxury apartments in Antibes.

The designated office space comes fully furnished, and includes a comfortable desk as well as a reliable internet connection. There’s also access to a well-equipped kitchen and laundry services. An aparthotel in Antibes might also include business meeting rooms, a reception, and a gym.

Our properties in Antibes offer a perfectly balanced solution for a long-term business visit or as a starter accommodation for newly relocated professionals.

Browse Situ's selection of serviced apartments in Antibes and speak to our helpful team for more information.

Where is Antibes?

Antibes nestles on the southeast coast of France and rivals the neighbouring Nice and Cannes for popularity. Antibes is within easy reach by car from any part of the coast using the A8 motorway.

Nice is only 28 kilometres away to the northeast and the Duchy of Monaco is 50 kilometres away by car. For Cannes, follow the A8 for 12 kilometres to the west. A wide network of winding mountainous roads connects Antibes to the other towns of Provence. 

French is spoken in Antibes, as everywhere along the coast. Other foreign languages are spoken by hospitality staff. Use the euro for all your payments, cash and card. All foreign cash needs to be exchanged in advance at the airport or in a bank on the high street.

Business Opportunities in Antibes

The French Riviera is a desirable expat and business destination, which creates a thriving and competitive business climate. Of its industries, the tourism and entertainment industries are the most developed. Fishing and fish processing  come a close second. 

The centre of gravity for new entrepreneurs and multinational corporations is Sophia Antipolis, a modern IT and tech business park created with the initiative of the French authorities. Sophia Antipolis benefitted from the participation of the USA corporations IBM and Texas Instruments, which placed their R&D centres here and helped attract seventy other IT companies.

Research institutions such as Eurecom and Telecom Paris have established their offices here. Giants as Amadeus, Toyota, Samsung, Air France, and Renault are also located in Antibes.

Sophia Antipolis residents focus on PropTech: digital technologies in the sectors of real estate, construction, asset management, brokerage, and smart city.

BlueTech is actively developing in the spheres of marine energy, biotechnology, research on seabed minerals, and the cultivation of aquatic organisms. There are plans to turn the port of Antibes into a smart port with advanced digital technologies in infrastructure and services.

The start-up scene in Antibes boasts a healthy competitive business environment. There are plenty of administrative and finance tools to boost start-up development and offer support. The start-up industry in Antibes generates around twenty-two thousand jobs in over a thousand new companies.

The real estate market in Antibes shows stable demand, and prices rise incrementally but constantly. Stable growth in the second-hand real estate market leads to higher rental prices. Today, letting accommodation in Antibes is becoming more and more efficient as an investment.

Living in Antibes

Antibes is a very respectable city coastal city, delightfully unusual yet discreet. The secret of its popularity is simple: excellent infrastructure, good beaches, not too dense a population, and few tourists.

Choose Antibes to live in if you want to immerse yourself in bustling city life and live near Cannes or Nice. It also makes a great place to call home if you want to enjoy a relaxed pace of life yet still want to the infrastructure of a city.

In Roman times, the city was the largest fortified city from Marseille to the borders of Italy. Even today, fragments of its ancient history remain scattered around the city. In general, the buildings in Old Antibes are no more than three hundred years old, and they have been perfectly preserved. The Old Town is in perfect condition with its neat cobbled streets and well-groomed facades entwined with weaving grapes and various flowers. 

Many visitors choose Antibes for gastronomic discoveries. There are cafés and restaurants here at every step. Fresh fish and seafood are offered everywhere, and are reliably fresh and tasty at quite reasonable prices.

Of course, staying in Situ self-catering accommodation in Antibes means you’ll have your own fully-equipped kitchen. Here you’ll be able to cook up a feast from the delicious local produce, fish, and seafood on offer.

Antibes is renowned for its markets that cater for all tastes and needs. Head for the Marché Provençal in the old town for fresh regional and Corsican food. The Craftsmen’s Market is home to works by local painters, sculptors, and ceramicists.

There is a significant proportion of the senior population in Antibes. Residents and pensioners who came to retire in France lead active lives, play petanque, and go on long walks in the neighbourhood.

History lovers will appreciate a visit to the impressive Grimaldi Castle and the popular Picasso Museum. Boating fans must visit the deep-water yacht marina for large and expensive yachts in Antibes, probably the largest on the Cote d'Azur. 

An excellent climate, good living conditions away from noisy industrial cities, fresh sea air, and fresh, nutritious food help to maintain the locals’ good health and spirits.

Medical centres in Antibes deal with the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, they are fully equipped to treat and examine patients. The centres employ highly-qualified specialists who provide adequate assistance and involve climatic and natural healing factors as well.


By Air

The nearest airport to Antibes is Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. It is located only 15 kilometres away and operates regular flights to major European destinations. The best way to get to Antibes from the airport is by bus. Buy tickets from the driver and remember to validate your ticket as you board.

By Rail

Trains are an excellent way to travel to Antibes from Paris and other major cities. High-speed trains, TGV, depart from Gare de Lyon in Paris to Antibes four to seven times a day. There are regular regional train connections to all the cities of the French Riviera. Ticket prices depend on the route. Trains run frequently, and travel times are short. A trip to Nice will take twenty minutes.

By Bus

The only city transport in Antibes is the bus. City buses in Antibes depart regularly from the central bus station and connect not only the districts of Antibes, but also other cities of the Côte d'Azur. Buses depart at intervals of 15-20 minutes. The bus stops on demand: if you need to get on the bus, raise your hand and it will stop. Iif you need to get off, press the button on the handrail.

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