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Serviced apartments in Belfast, both in the city centre or on the outskirts, enable guests to enjoy a luxurious yet practical stay wherever they need to be for their business plans. Situ’s selection of Belfast apartments can make visiting the city for either a long period or just temporarily straightforward, without stress and as if you never left home.
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Situ Serviced Apartments in Belfast


Belfast has enjoyed an extended period of growth and investment in the last 20 years or so. Consequently, the city has become a top place to visit both for business and pleasure, meaning there’s an abundance of fully serviced apartments in Belfast.

About Belfast

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Belfast?

When choosing serviced accommodation in Belfast, Situ offers a wide variety of options. Above this guide, there is a great variety of properties which have been handpicked to cater to the corporate traveller.

Each of our Belfast apartments is distinctive, each with their own features and facilities. You can book stay based upon these facilities; choosing to stay somewhere that surpasses the expectations that come with standard Belfast hotels or a bed and breakfast.

The key to the Belfast accommodation and serviced apartments offered is their mainstay features; fully equipped kitchens, spacious living and dining areas, in-apartment washing facilities, free Wi-Fi, free parking and much more. Better yet, our short term lets in Belfast can be found in many key locations in and around the city too, making the decision easy when you opt to try somewhere within walking distance of where you are working from.

Where is Belfast?

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and the country’s largest city. The Belfast population of around 300,000 reside on the north-eastern Irish coastline which looks out on the Irish sea, separating the country and Great Britain.

Now free of its turbulent past, Belfast has quickly moved on to become a flourishing city with ongoing development and investment and was one of National Geographic’s top destinations for 2012. A great youth culture has grown in the city, making the centre of Belfast a real place to be after dark. Corporate nights out in Belfast are popular for this reason. For somewhere that once appeared so segregated, Northern Ireland’s capital has lost its boundaries.

Travellers to the area appreciate having Belfast City Airport, which links well both to the UK mainland and other destinations across Europe. Although there are public transport options, it’s easiest to get around Belfast and the surrounding area by car, and this may be worth bearing in mind for those coming to the city and staying in self-catering Belfast accommodation.

Belfast Businesses

The Belfast economy is supported by a city that is not only exceeding expectations economically but is also brimming with business potential. Currently, the key sectors for Belfast are digital, advanced engineering and manufacturing, finance, technology and tourism. Across these areas, Belfast is deemed amongst the best in the world, and ultimately this is encouraging for potential investor into the city. In fact, 80% of businesses who locate in Belfast opt to re-invest.

It does not end here either. The community and Belfast City Council are collectively working towards a brighter future for the local economy and business environment too. Invest in Belfast boasts about the city having one of Europe’s youngest populations, of which 33% have degree-level education.

This is largely thanks to the Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University, who are contributing to a future workforce which will continue to push the economy in the right direction thus making student housing and other student accommodation in Belfast extremely popular.

Belfast offers much to corporates based on the business environment and climate. Already a good sign is that Belfast is amongst the cities with the lowest cost of living worldwide.

As well as being affordable, the city is also very well connected both in terms of location and infrastructure. The city has access to the highest availability of 4G connection in the UK two airports within thirty minutes of the city centre and Dublin and London are two hours away by road and one hour by air respectively. No wonder the Belfast business centre is so highly regarded.

Ultimately, whether you are here to just visit Belfast business parks, attend a corporate event in Belfast or stay here for the long term, our Belfast city apartments are there to ensure you have everything you should expect from a stay in the capital.

Belfast’s History

The history of Belfast as a truly noteworthy major centre in the UK is short. Although settlements are believed to have emerged here during the Iron Age, many deem the Northern Irish capital’s history to have begun in the eighteenth century.

The following century was considered a ‘Golden Age’, leading Belfast to gain city status and become one of the world’s leading industrial cities by 1888.

Belfast did not become the capital of Northern Ireland though for another forty years, following the Irish War of Independence in the 1920s. Of course, amongst all of that as well was the emergence of the Harland and Wolff shipyard and the launch of the famous RMS Titanic in 1911. Despite the Titanic sinking, it was the shipyard opening that has made the city the hub it is today regarding shipbuilding. Be sure to visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast if you get the chance.

As you can tell there’s much to see and learn about the history of this city, and whether you’re visiting sites such as St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast museums or the castle, our short term rentals in Belfast are centrally located so everything you want to see is never too far away.

Things to do in Belfast

Those who have stayed in Belfast apartments to rent in the short term quickly realised that the city has some of the most breath-taking coastal landscapes in the British Isles.

When it comes to Belfast attractions, The Titanic Belfast is one of the largest. It offers the visitors an authentic Titanic experience and is a must-see while exploring the city. The attraction stands on the spot where the liner was designed and built. It has interactive galleries, where you can explore sights, sounds and smells of the famous ship as well as hear stories of the city back in 1912.

If you like to be surrounded by nature, Belfast Botanic Gardens should be on your list of sightings too. Today it is a popular park for residents and tourists, near the Victoria Square Belfast shopping centre and the luxurious developments going at the Grand Opera House, often acts as a venue for concerts, festivals and many other events. The many classic Belfast pubs are good places to relax too.

Finally, one of the most visited attractions is the Game of Thrones experience. The capital and its surroundings serve as a major filming location for the popular show, convincing a lot of fans to stay in short term accommodation in Belfast to see it all for themselves.


Belfast International Airport (BFS)

Just a thirty minute drive west of Belfast city centre is the Belfast Airport, the busiest in Northern Ireland. Over six million people, corporates and tourists travel through this airport on average every year.

An alternative airport is Belfast City Airport, based along the Sydenham Bypass and only ten minutes northeast of the city centre. Please note this airport will operate more and more services to locations across the UK in the future, ideal for corporates looking to stay in luxury apartments in Belfast.

Belfast Train Stations

Lanyon Place Station, formerly known as Belfast Central Station, is arguably the main station in the city centre. There are three other stations though; Great Victoria Street, City Hospital and Botanic. Slightly outside the centre are Titanic Quarter, Balmoral, Adelaide and Sydenham train stations.

All of these stations contribute to the Belfast railway network, mostly operated by Enterprise and Northern Ireland Railways.

Belfast Bus Station

Belfast’s bus network is mainly operated by public transport operator Translink.

More specifically, Metro, Gilder, Ulsterbus and Goldline collectively run bus services locally and to locations across Northern Ireland.

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