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The serviced apartments in Boston that we source provide a unique experience, unlike what any hotel operator could. Different to regular temporary housing, Situ's luxury apartments in Boston comes fully equipped with everything a corporate needs, enabling them to appreciate a comfortable self-catered lifestyle.
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About Boston


Renowned for its sporting heritage and rich revolutionary history, the Boston of today goes above and beyond to be a place where new business opportunities can blossom too.

About Boston

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Boston?

No matter where you travel to that’s new, whether it is overseas or in your home country, making yourself feel at home is essential. Any successful business trip relies on the premise that corporates have a place to stay which they can call their own ‘home away from home’. That feeling is not always associated with ordinary temporary housing and hotels, but that’s where serviced accommodation steps in.

Situ’s serviced apartments in Boston come equipped with all the facilities a business guest would need to enjoy a self-catered experience. Each of our luxury apartments in Boston come guaranteed with a fully equipped kitchen, access to free Wi-Fi, an allocated parking space, spacious dining and living areas and on-site washing facilities.

Bookers can request more of their corporate housing in Boston too. Guests may want a private balcony, a garden space, en-suite bathrooms, pet-friendly aspects or even on-site restaurants or a fitness centre to utilise. With our options, the possibilities are endless. When we source either high-quality long or short term apartments in Boston, we ensure they are quoted with the location in mind too. Whether guests need to be near a business venue, or particular transport hub, or just generally in the city centre, Situ finds the right corporate Boston apartments for you.

Where is Boston?

Covering almost 50 square miles with a population of around 700,000, Boston is a prominent city in the north-eastern region of the US. It is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the most populated city in the New England region. The people of Boston are fortunate to be located on the eastern border of Massachusetts, which looks out to the North Atlantic Ocean, whilst a short drive south is the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Together the I-90, I-93 and I-95 make up a strong road network around the city, allowing drivers to get in and out of Boston from all angles. For those business travellers who want to reach Boston from locations further afield in the US or from overseas, the Boston Logan International Airport is a great option. Based right on the coastline, it is an important getaway into the north-eastern region of the country, and unsurprisingly has a range of long and short term furnished rentals in Boston nearby for the benefit of travellers who are always on the move.

Expats in Boston & Businesses

The last decade has seen the Boston economy continue to grow and diversify. However, there are a few industries and sectors which are predominant contributors to the economy, which has a GDP of over $400 billion; Healthcare, Finance and Insurance & Higher Education. Amongst these sectors are the city’s largest employers, including Boston University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Fidelity Investments.

Tourism and transportation sectors are incredibly valuable too, to support the 21 million people (domestic & international) who visit the city every year. The Port of Boston can’t be forgotten either – as the state’s largest and one of the most influential on the American East Coast.

Asides from the economy itself, Boston has a lot going for itself as a place to do business. The networking opportunities are through the roof, with events showcasing all types of companies and industries taking place all year round. We have a great range of furnished apartments in Boston near various venues in the centre, to ensure visitors to the area can get and back forth from events without too much travelling.

The cost of doing business is affordable too. A large quantity of office space on offer at a very fair rate encourages new start-ups to grow and prosper. Various support systems and schemes, such as the Boston Startups Guide, provide everything new entrepreneurs need to live in Boston and take advantage of the city’s business climate Funding is pretty generous too, with the likes of the Boston Development Corporation offering loans over $100,000.

And last of all, the community is fantastic. From the university generating a talented workforce year in year out, to a great commitment to support female businesspeople in the area, Boston offers all the tools anyone would need to enjoy a business trip. So, whether corporates are relocating a company here, or merely showing up for a networking event, there’s a variety of serviced apartments in Boston available to support whatever they need.

Long term stays in Boston

Once you’ve booked your stay at a luxury apartment in Boston, your mind might be stuck on work and what to expect from your business venture. However, you can afford to look beyond that when you visit the city because there’s also so much to see and do.Perhaps the most iconic Boston attraction is the Freedom Trail. Featuring a host of museums, churches, parks and landmark structures associated with US history, the trail is a national favourite. There are 16 different sites along the Freedom Trail to enjoy, including the State House, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, the Paul Revere House and the USS Constitution.

It takes no more than two hours to complete the trail as well, so it’s well worth exploring if you want a completely new US history experience. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science and the JFK Presidential Library are great history ‘top-ups’ if that Freedom Trail left you wanting more.

We’d be here all day if we went through all the historic sites Boston has to offer, and besides, there’s so much more to explore. The New England Aquarium is a local favourite. It welcomes over 1.3 million visitors every year, as a globally recognised supporter of marine conservation and is home to over 20,000 animals. The Aquarium also includes a very popular IMAX theatre and offers an extraordinary ‘Whale Watch’ cruise experience.

Sports fans visiting Boston will quickly realise they are living arguably in the “home of baseball”. The Red Sox's Fenway Park is the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball and is understandably a beloved sporting attraction, not only locally but also nationally. It is around $60 for a ticket so if you and your family or colleagues fancy a day out and enjoy baseball, or even just want to see something new, Fenway Park is the place for you.

However, we appreciate you might only be able to spare an hour or so away from your corporate housing in Boston, so in that case, we recommend visiting the Boston Market District. Oozing in history since its foundation in the 19th century, the district and its cobbled streets is one of the prettiest spots in the city. The architecture is old-fashioned and provides a welcomed getaway from the fast-paced urbanity that US cities often radiate. You can appreciate the city for what it is just after exploring this district.


Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

There’s only one airport within the borders of Boston, and that’s the Logan International Airport. Around 60,000 passengers pass through the airport every day, as they either arrive or depart on flights served by the forty different airlines in operation. It is New England grandest transportation hub, offering flights to over 100 different domestic and international locations.

The airport is based in East Boston, where Interstate 90 terminates and connects with Route 1A. For arrivals, there’s a direct rail and bus service that connects the airport to serviced apartments in Boston city centre.

The “T”

T stands for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, in this case. It is the hub of public transportation in the state, and thus, the city of Boston. The authority operates subway, train, bus, trolley and ferry services, with the ‘best’ option being the subway service. A single subway ride will only cost around $3, no matter which of the five colour-coded lines your route is based along.

To find out more about the different transport options in Boston, we recommend visiting the MBTA website. There you can see the wide range of services, routes, transport timetables and work out prices for your trips. Otherwise, there’s also ride-hailing options, such as Uber, which make day to day pretty straightforward.

Despite this, there is a reason why Boston is named ‘America’s walking city’. The local government continue to develop walkways and ways pedestrians can get around the city on foot. The Freedom Trail is a fine example of this, and we have luxury apartments in Boston on hand to make sure you have somewhere to stay as close to where you need to be.

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