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About Hanoi


Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has a lot to offer to its visitors. Great sightings and entertainment options, tourists staying in serviced apartments in Hanoi can fully enjoy the city.

About Hanoi


The capital of Vietnam and country’s second largest city, Hanoi is world’s one of the oldest capitals, in October 2010 it was officially 1.000 years since the city was established. Hanoi has seen a lot of turmoil during 20th century and is now fast recovering from the results of wars and unrest.

The city had a lot of ups and downs, on the turn of the century. Once the Vitenam war was over, Hanoi started its journey to development and growth, however, the country suffered from 1997 Asian financial crisis highly influencing vulnerable economy of Vietnam. But soon after the crisis was over, Hanoi resumed its rapid growth, with new high rise commercial buildings appearing and in last decade experiencing construction boom, ranking number 39 by Emporis list of world cities with most skyscrapers. These developments resulted in Situ now offering serviced apartments in Hanoi for corporate travellers.

In terms of development the city also had significant impact on its infrastructure, changing Hanoi’s appearance even more. In the result years infrastructure is constantly being updated with new roads and improvements for public transport system. A lot of new residential built are popping up alongside the other developments. Now Hanoi offers aparthotels to its visitors. Short term accommodation in Hanoi is much easier to find and book, as more and more Hanoi city apartments reach internationally expected level for accommodation.

But Hanoi is not just about rapid development in recent years. It has many historic landmarks to offer to its visitors. The Old Quarters being one of them. Located near Hoan Kiem Lake, it still maintains most of original street layout and the architecture of the old town. It looks pretty much as it did at the beginning of the 20th century, when Hanoi consisted of the “36 street” as they called it. The citadel and some of the newer French buildings are now part of the Hoan Kiem district, with some of the most prominent places being the Temple of Literature, the cite of Vietnam’s oldest university.

Hanoi has many beautiful lakes to visit, it is nick-named as the “city of lakes”. One of the most popular places for people to spend time is the Sward Lake, which is a historic and cultural centre of the city linked to the legend of the magic sword, with a lot of temples around the area and is a place to visit.

The city is often dubbed Paris of the East, because of the French influence clearly seen in Hanoi. With its tree-fringe boulevards and French colonial era buildings it is a popular tourist destination.

Since 2014 Hanoi has consistently been voted as one of the world’s top destinations. And it is considered as one of the most affordable destinations as well.  No wonder corporate accommodation in Hanoi is becoming more and more popular for travellers to book.

A verity of entertainment options is available for the visitors. Modern and traditional theatres; karaoke bars and dance clubs; cinemas and bowling alleys are all open for tourists and travellers. It is named as one of the top 10 cities to shop in Asia and the number galleries exhibit Vietnamese arts been constantly rising during last years.

With so many interesting options and rapid development, Hanoi is an interesting place to visit. Situ’s rich supply chain offers serviced apartments in Hanoi, suitable for every taste. Short term accommodation in Hanoi, such as aparthotels are available for our clients.


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