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Serviced apartments in Luxembourg City offer much more than standard hotels with regard to location, comfort and convenience. Long and short term accommodation in Luxembourg City is located, designed and equipped with the intention of catering for a corporate visiting the city. Guests in these properties rest assured knowing that their visit to Luxembourg City is complete with a stay in their very own ‘home away from home’.
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Serviced Apartments in Luxembourg City


Despite the rich and long history that is associated with the Luxembourg capital, Luxembourg City still continues to keep up with the times as a place for modern-day business and corporate lifestyle.

About Luxembourg City

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Luxembourg City?

If corporates want to enjoy a visit to Luxembourg City that is comfortable and convenient, whilst still business focused, where are the best places to stay?

Unlike regular hotel rooms, fully furnished serviced apartments in Luxembourg City enable corporates to embrace a self-catering lifestyle where they can be reliant on themselves and work on their own terms. Open workspaces, spacious living rooms, fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and free WiFi with internet access make business-class long and short term accommodation in Luxembourg City the ideal accommodation option for corporates looking to pursue a life of business in the capital.

What’s more, is that Situ’s range of Luxembourg apartments are dotted all over the city. This makes it easy for bookers to pick and choose where they want to stay based on their business plans. Whether guests want to stay somewhere that is centrally located or on the outskirts of the city, the range of serviced apartments that are available in the capital means the options are endless.

Corporates in Luxembourg City

Home to several institutions of the European Union like he cities of Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Brussels, Luxembourg City is rightly known as a corporate and business hub within Western Europe. With such important EU institution buildings and departments being based in this capital, it's no surprise that doing business or attending corporate events here is so common. After all, companies such as BNP Paribas, CVC and Regus have all set up headquarters in Luxembourg City for a reason.

Such potential for profitable business rests on the shoulders of a city economy. It is similar to that of the national economy which is mainly supported by financial and industrial sectors. Yet, what is it like personally for an expat or overseas visitor to do business in Luxembourg City? Well, according to the Global Liveable Cities Index and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Luxembourg City has continued to rank very highly as one of the world’s safest cities and one of the most desirable places to live and work.

The people of Luxembourg across the country also benefit from one of the highest global per capita gross domestic product (GDP). This is only felt more by business owners within the capital. It is for these reasons that as many as one million people arrive in accommodation across Luxembourg each year.

With the city continuing to grow economically as well, it makes sense that the demand for high-class apart hotels in Luxembourg City continues to get greater amongst visiting corporates.

Where is Luxembourg City?

Luxembourg City is the capital of a small landlocked country in Western Europe of which it shares the same name. It is also easily Luxembourg’s most populous and established city. This is despite covering an area of less than 20 square miles and being home to only around 115,000 people. The capital is the only real city in the country. The next most populated locations, Echternach and Clervaux are communes which technically have city status.

Despite its size, Luxembourg City is still viewed as a location of importance, located right in the heart of Western Europe. Its location is deemed as valuable and is why the city has continued to grow from being one of Europe’s most powerful cities in the 16th century.

Being landlocked, Luxembourg City has always been accessible from all directions, particularly by road from Belgium, France or Germany whose borders are 13 miles away to the west, 15 miles away to the south and around 30 miles to the east respectively. The motorways connecting to the capital are the A1, A4, A6 and the A7.

Of course, the city is also minutes away from where Luxembourg International Airport is based. This makes it easy for corporates from all over the world to visit the capital and stay in luxury Luxembourg accommodation. Free public transport throughout the city is an added bonus too

Life in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City oozes character thanks to both it’s rich, fascinating history, which has left plenty of wonderful remnants of the past, and a distinctive, stunning scenery. There’s so much to see in the capital as well, meaning Luxembourg City apartments are booked by visitors all year round.

The beautiful Old Town of Luxembourg is a great place to start if you want to immediately see what the city is all about. The narrow alleyways, the magnificent buildings, the amazing views over the river, coupled with the bustling vibe throughout the many cafes, restaurants and shops that rings around the area make the Old Town an attraction that is truly unique to Luxembourg City.

Many other iconic sites are well worth visiting too though. For instance, there’s the famous Palais Grand-Ducal, which the Grand Duke’s 16th-century beautiful, palace residency located right in the very centre of Luxembourg

Equally spectacular and a minutes walk away from the palace is the popular Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the 17th century. Just opposite the Adolphe Bridge too is the Monument of Remembrance. This is a wonderful memorial statue dedicated to the many people of Luxembourg who fought during the World Wars. We recommend visiting each of these sites, especially because they are located so close together within the city centre.

Those who find themselves with more time on their hands and want to know more about the city will be glad to know there are many Luxembourg City museums too. The Grand Duke Jean Museum, the Museum of National History and Art, the museums at Fort Thungen and the Letzebuerg City Museum are just a few of the places visitors can go to if they want to learn more about the capital’s amazing history.

All in all, as well as the city’s brilliant atmosphere and great places to eat and drink, Luxembourg City really does have some great sites that tourists from all over the world come to visit every day. We encourage corporates staying in serviced apartments in Luxembourg City to embrace a life of  relaxation and enjoy as much of the city as possible!


Aéroport de Luxembourg (LUX)

Although Luxembourg Airport is not technically in Luxembourg City, it is just a short drive away in the village of Findel. It is the only international airport in the country so it makes Luxembourg City truly the gateway into the country and the heart of Western Europe.

Each year, four million people come through this airport and many of them are corporates visiting the country for business. This is why there are is a great range of serviced apartments in Luxembourg City based just a short drive away within the capital to make travelling from arrival or to departure flights as convenient as possible.

Luxembourg City Train Stations

Despite the modern road connections that are so important to the city’s everyday transport, the Luxembourg City trains stations and railway network is also a fundamental part of public transport here. However, although trains are valuable for visitors and locals alike, trains, trams and buses have all been free modes of transport since early 2020.

All stations in the country are operated by railway company Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois, including Luxembourg Railway Station (Gare Centrale) which is the main station in the capital. The other two most known stations in the city center are Cent Hamm and Pfaffenthal Kirchberg.

Luxembourg City Buses and Trams

Buses and trams are a hugely popular mode of transport across the city, with almost 30 million people using bus services each year whilst the tram network was reintroduced due to popular demand in 2017 after closing in the 1960s.

Both modes of transport have a great range of services and routes, everywhere is the capital is reachable. We recommend Luxembourg-city.com or the Ville De Luxembourg website to find out more about all things buses and trams in the city, whether that be train times, tickets or routes running near short term rentals in Luxembourg.

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