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Situ’s serviced apartments in Miami offer an experience that is unmatched by any other accommodation alternative. Unlike a normal hotel, Situ's luxury apartments in Miami come fully equipped with everything a visitor requires, enabling them to easily fulfil a comfortable self-catered lifestyle as part of their corporate trip to the ‘Magic City’.
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About Miami


Whilst not necessarily recognised for its size, the City of Miami makes up for it as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, blessed with stunning beaches and nightlife hotspots.

About Miami

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Miami, Florida?

It would be fair to say that general accommodation isn’t hard to come by in Miami. With a huge number of tourists flocking to the city all year round, there must be a wide range of property options available. However, not all these options live up to the expectations of visitors to the city, especially corporates. Serviced apartments in Miami, on the other hand, are different. Fully equipped with modern kitchens and on-site washing facilities, whilst also guaranteed to come with free Wi-Fi, an allocated car parking space and a weekly housekeeping service, Situ’s furnished corporate housing in Miami are designed to make guests feel at home.

We source only the best high-quality, long term or short stay apartments in Miami, knowing that their standards eclipse those of regular hotels and B&Bs. Corporates particularly should feel as if they are staying in their own ‘home-away-from-home’ whilst away from their own, and our luxury apartments in Miami are designed, equipped and based in great locations to do just that. The key to any trip for an expat in Miami is staying somewhere that makes them feel comfortable, with the ability to live self-sufficiently, and this is exactly what serviced accommodation provides.

Where is Miami, FL?

The city of Miami is one of the most southernmost in the US, based in South Florida. It is one of the smaller major cities in the country too, with a landmass of only 55 square miles, which oddly does not include Miami Beach. Miami Beach is a Florida island city, with a different governing body to the city of Miami.

The city can be said to be densely populated too, with its small landmass being home to over 450,000 people. This isn’t even including the approximate 20 million people who visit the city every year, so you can imagine how busy Miami can be. What’s more, Miami has one of the largest skylines in the US, with over 300 buildings exceeding at least 450 feet across the city.

The two nearest major cities to Miami are Orlando and Tampa, both further north in Florida and around four hours away by car. To travel further beyond Florida from Miami, you might be best off flying from the city’s international airport. Serviced apartments in Miami near this airport are popular, especially when you remember that over 1,000 flights operate in and out of the city each day.

Miami Business

The sun, sea and views are certainly enough to convince the average leisure traveller to venture to Miami for a short getaway, but the city also has attractive qualities in terms of doing business. One of those qualities is obvious; the number of people who visit Miami. Attracting people from all over the world, Miami already has a solid foundation ready to be taken advantage of by global expats.

Moreover, businesses based in the city benefit from fact that there is no local or state business tax. The economy is also incredibly strong, generating a GDP of around £240 billion each year. It’s mainly focused around the tourism industry, but on the whole, the economy is very diversified. The city’s proximity to Latin America also has a massively positive influence on the economy too, with thousands of major companies, such as Walmart, making the city an operational centre of Latin American operations.

It is not only the multi-national companies that can profit from the area’s business climate either, as Miami has also, in recent times, been named the “Top City for Small Business Growth”, according to a study from Biz2Credit. The message coming out of Miami has long been that the city’s history is built on setbacks and start-overs, and it is the constant rebuilding process that has created such a promising climate for potential startups in the region.

However, corporates might be here just to work and or network, and the city of Miami caters to this too. With thousands of people travelling there for work reasons and networking events all year round, from all backgrounds, the corporate climate is incredibly diverse and supportive of all ventures. We strive to be just as supportive, by providing affordable, high-quality corporate housing in Miami to assist business travel.

Moving as an Expat to Miami

Miami is a hotbed of cultural diversity, unique attractions and fresh vibrancy. With that in mind, the city is recognised across the globe as a great place to live or visit. In fact, 60% of the Miami population were born internationally. No matter where someone’s from though, typically beaches are universally loved. This puts Miami in good stead, with a very popular beachfront stretching across 35 miles. Miami and South Beach are the main go-to options for new visitors, but there are several other beach alternatives based along the coastline which are well worth visiting too, looking out on the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean merge. It's not like the weather is disappointing either, as all year round sunshine makes Miami beaches irresistible spots to visit to pass some time.

If you’re not one to soak up the sunshine and sunbathe, you can appreciate the great weather whilst strolling through some of Miami’s iconic streets and marketplaces. Lined with stunning art deco buildings, Ocean Drive first comes to mind as a place to take a walk. As well as hosting a famous nightlife scene, the strip is jam-packed with cafes, shops, restaurants which altogether contribute to the fantastic all-day vibe and atmosphere that’s loved by the locals and tourists. Just as adored is the area around the Bayside Marketplace. The huge, open-air shopping centre takes centre stage and its popularity as a place to shop, dine, drink and socialise makes the marketplace one of Miami’s main attractions.

On top of that, there’s the Miami Zoo and several museums across different fields of history that can keep you occupied between networking events or meetings you might have booked. We certainly recommend the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, which is often deemed to be that star attraction in Miami. Ultimately, there’s a lot to see and do in the city, and the best way to see it all would be to book a stay in an extended stay apartment in Miami’s city centre.


Miami International Airport

For flights in and out of the city, Miami International Airport is the only real option. It’s one of the busiest airports in the United States and is the main driver of international visitors to Florida, especially considering Miami’s connection to the Caribbean and Latin America. Around 19 million passengers pass through the airport each year, which is based in Downtown Miami.

If for some reason Miami’s airport doesn’t cater for what you need, alternative airports are based in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. You’ll have to drive forty minutes north from your serviced apartment in Miami for Fort Lauderdale, and an hour and a half for Palm Beach’s airport.


It is recommended for short and quick trips around Miami, book an Uber. However, you can still utilise the Metro for those slightly longer journeys. The 25-mile network operates 19 hours a day from midnight, seven days a week. There are 23 train stations dotted all across the Miami-Dade County region, meaning travel in and around the city is straightforward.

For more information about schedules, tickets and routes, be sure to visit the Miami-Dade County official website, or download the Go Miami-Dade Transit app. To learn more about business accommodation in the city, get in touch with us about aparthotels in Miami.

Miami Trolleys

Very much similar to trams, the City of Miami trolley network is immensely popular. This might be because they are free to use, and operate for over 15 hours, seven days a week. This is perfect for corporates who are looking to be constantly on the move but just be wary that what seems like the ‘dream’ public transport option, can sometimes struggle in terms of punctuality.

These services run every fifteen minutes, and staying in luxury apartments in Miami near a trolley stop could make your travel around the city easily and cost-free.

Buses in Miami

Miami does have a bus service that runs across the city, which is particularly operational around the Miami Beach area. The average ticket costs just over $2.

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Miami Faqs

Q. How much would I cost to stay in serviced accommodation or a luxury apartments in Miami?


The average nightly rate of a luxury apartment in Miami is $120. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us for a quote.

Q. Do any serviced apartments in Miami have an on-site gym?


One Broadway Apartments and the X Miami Apartments have on-site gyms. You can see our whole range of luxury apartments in Miami which have an on-site gym here.

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